‘That’ Sort

Heading into the stables Maegan cautiously looked about only letting out a small sigh of relief when she didn’t see anyone. However the relief was short lived when a noise from above caused her to look up where she witnessed a bail of hay coming tumbling down out of the loft landing merely feet beside her with a crash.

“Oh my lord! Sorry” a voice called followed by the running of feet as a young man came tumbling down the step ladders four at a time. Maegan’s heart skipped a beat instantly recognising the mop of dark hair. “I didn’t see you… Sorry.. so Sorry” he apologised running over to check she and Anya stood still in one piece.

As he looked up to face her, Maegan stopped dead in her tracks… for a moment she had been so sure it had been Bailey but now he was closer and she could see beneath his unkempt hair she realised it wasn’t the same boy at all. He was almost identical to Bailey in every way but one, instead of aqua eyes this boy’s where silver much like her own.

“Are you alright?” he asked hurriedly “I was just getting some hay for the horses I didn’t realise… I’m sorry did I give you a fright?”

“I’m quite well thank you” she mumbled.  

“You must be Maegan” he smiled “I’m Chase”

“We know who you are!” Anya interrupted; with such contempt it caused Maegan to turn to face her in shock.

“Do we?!” Maegan asked confused.

“Yes” Anya replied with a scowl drawn on her face “So what are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I work here” Chase replied with a smug grin which if nothing else revealed to Maegan some sort of history between the pair.

Anya huffed “How?! Why!?”

“Chris gave us the job”

“Lord Vaux you mean” Anya scowled.

“Chris!” the boy replied “He lets us all him Chris”

“I’m confused?!” Maegan interrupted.

“Don’t be” Anya replied “He’s not worth it.. Chase will you feed ‘Lady Vaux’s’ horse? She asked in a manner that to Maegan seemed more of an order than a request.

“Already have” Chase replied, with forced politeness.

“Come on Maegan… lets get out of here”  

“I don’t understand” Maegan complained as Anya led her forcefully away by the hand.

 “There’s nothing to understand Anya replied, not slowing for a second, pulling the younger girl across the courtyard and back towards the house “I can’t believe ‘they’ are the stable boys… just stay away from them megs… just stay away”

 “Why?!” Maegan demanded breaking free of Anya’s grip “What’s the matter with them?”

 “Don’t you know who they are?” Anya scowled finally stopping and turning around to face her.


 “They are …. Well .. they … Oh I don’t know what you’d call them!”


 “Gah!” Anya exclaimed “Well you know Chris?”

 “I should hope so”

 “Well you know he’s got a different mother to me?”


“Well they are … ‘her’ boys”

“Is that why you don’t like them?”

“Of course why else?”

“But aren’t you Holly’s sister? Don’t you have different fathers whats the difference?”

“Holly’s fathers dead! My mother didn’t …  Oh … your such a baby can’t you see why it’s different?”

“Not really” Maegan replied.

“Christopher’s mother isn’t dead, my father isn’t dead .. the point is … she had a relationship with another man… till death do you part.. except no-one died! She broke her vow’s” Anya explained seeming frustrated “that’s why we don’t deal with ‘them’ she’s ‘that’ sort of woman”

“Oh!” Maegan replied suddenly understanding.

“They are ‘bastards’” Anya whispered “their mother no better than a whore.. do you understand”

“I guess” Maegan replied “So does Christopher still see his mother, I assume so if he’d giving her son’s jobs?”

“Does it matter?!” Anya sighed, “just stay away from them.. Ok Megs?”


3 responses to “‘That’ Sort

  1. Hmm. I wonder if Anya has ever realized that if Lynette hadn’t broken her marriage vows, Anya would not exist? I mean, I understand that most medieval ladies would think of what Lynette did with horror, but I do wonder what Anya’s opinion of the matter would be if she realized that, all things considered, Lynette’s affair worked out pretty well for Anya!

    … If not necessarily for Jonas Carpenter, Sr. …

    Still, I like Maegan getting introduced to Chase, too! I especially like the silver eyes touch. Maegan’s grandmother and Lynette were sisters, right? So that would make Maegan and Chase/Bailey/Christopher … first cousins, once removed?

  2. Yup first Cousin’s, once removed, Lynette (Chase and Bailey’s mum), Was Maegan’s Grandmothers (Mirrella) Sister .. blah tounge twister … damn nobles and thier in-breeding haha The Family Tree is getting very confusing. .

    Maegan, Chase, Sophie, Abel and Ailana all inherited the silver eye’s from Mirrella/Lynette. Which Concidering they where all matched up with sims with a stronger dominant eye colour isn’t bad going.

  3. Well, what’s a RKC without as much inbreeding as the game allows?

    And the recessive genes are awesome. Trust The Sims to give you the least likely genetic combo as often as possible. ;)

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