Maegan Hit’s A Nerve

“Anya, I need you to come to the stables with me. I haven’t fed Amynta and I’m not sure if the stable boy will” Maegan asked nervously hoping Anya wouldn’t ask too many prying questions about why she didn’t want to go alone, suddenly things seemed different as though she couldn’t trust herself. It wasn’t as though she feared leaping on Bailey like some crazy whore but more that she feared what she would say to him, if she found he was there.  

“Amynta, what kind of stupid name is that for a horse anyway?” Anya replied.  

Maegan shrugged “It’s just what Christopher called her, I didn’t choose it”

“Does it mean something, do you think?”

Maegan shrugged, having never thought of it before “I don’t know… so will you come?”

“Why can’t you go on your own?”

“The stable boy might be there”

“So, it doesn’t usually stop you” Anya giggled, not understanding Maegan’s sudden concern.

“I know, but please” she begged.

“Oh alright” Anya sighed “so do you think he’s handsome?”


“The stable boy?” Anya sighed rolling her eye’s in exasperation.

“Which one?”

“There’s more than one?”

“I think so, he said he had a brother, but I haven’t met him”

“You’ve spoken too him?” Anya squeeled “Oh goodness… how old is he? old enough for me?”

“He’s about my age I guess” Maegan replied.

“Drat, Did he say if his brother was older?! Oh I do hope he’s older”

Maegan sighed, slightly annoyed “Does it really matter? She asked “Your father would never approve of either of them anyway”

“Spoil Sport” Anya pouted sticking out her tongue

“Anya if you carry on this way your going to get yourself into trouble” Maegan snapped, unable to control herself “Do you really want to shame your father in this way?”

“In what way!?” Anya exclaimed, “I haven’t done anything wrong”

“What about what happened with that boy?” Maegan replied awkwardly.

“What boy?”

“You know the one that was here … the one Christopher threw down the stairs?”

“Oh that boy” Anya replied “What about him?”

“If you keep carrying on like this you’ll find one that isn’t just content with a kiss and a touch.. of his … well you know” Maegan snapped indignantly. Anya huffed, and she could tell she’d offended her. “I don’t want to upset you”  she added more softly “but I don’t want to see you in trouble either”

 “Im not planning on getting into trouble”

 “Well you seem to spend far to much time fixated on ‘that’ there is more to life you know, im sure it isn’t all that important, infact im sure if you had it you’d be quite disappointed”

“Well at least you get the option of finding out” Anya retorted.

“Pah … I’m going to the stables are you coming or not?”

“Do I have much choice?” Anya replied, unhappily following behind.

One response to “Maegan Hit’s A Nerve

  1. The idea of Orrick approving of either Bailey or Chase for Anya is so laughable it’s not even funny. I’m not surprised that Maegan doesn’t know that Bailey is Christopher’s half-brother, this seems like something Orrick might work to keep out of her and her mother’s ears, but might Anya? She’s lived on that estate her whole life; it’s possible she could have heard people talking.

    Still, I feel for both of these girls. Two young adolescent girls + cute adolescent boys + no adult supervision/guidance = recipe for trouble, even if it’s only in their hearts and heads.

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