Dreams are better than reality

She woke with a start to find herself lying on the small couch in her chambers, disorientated and covered with sweat.

Trying to piece the images together she suddenly wished she hadn’t. What sort of woman was she to be having dream’s such as those? Especially when that dream was about a man other than her husband?

It was not that that dream had been especially graphical, with no real experience to drawn on, it had been a mish mash of emotions and feeling more than actually portraying the act.

Her cheek’s burning fiercely at the thoughts of what she’d done, or at least at what she’d dreamt she’d done. Embarrassed even though the only one she’d shared them with was herself.

Tear’s rolled down her face, even though she’d not physically done the act, wasn’t thinking about it an equal sin, an even greater sin when you considered with whom she’d dreamt she’d done it??

What would Christopher think if he knew? What would God think?? Of course God already knew .. silly silly girl.. God knew everything.. she was a bad person.. no a bad wife.. no worse.. a bad Christian.

Suddenly the door flew open and Anya, Maegans lady in waiting stormed in without invitation or care in the world “Sleeping in the middle of the afternoon?” Anya giggled “We should re-name you Milady Lazybones”

Maegan didn’t reply hurriedly wiping the tears from her eye’s, the last thing she wanted was to be questioned by the over inquisitive older girl. Watching as Anya came bounding over like an over excited puppy landing heavily on the couch next to her.

 “What’s the matter” Anya asked suddenly serious.

 “Nothing” Maegan replied defensively “I had a bad dream”

 “About what?”

 “It doesn’t matter”

“Tell me” Anya insisted.

“No it’s .. its private” Maegan whispered. Anya nodded to her relief, seeming to take the hint. “Ann do you ever dream?”

“Of course I do silly, everyone dreams, I dream a hansome prince is going to whisk me away” she giggled.

“A prince? Which one? Not my brother I hope??” Maegan gasped crinkling her nose in disgust.

“No silly not a real one.. mine is much more handsome” Anya replied in her usual over exuberant manner.

Maegan managed to smile, Anya was always so full of joy it was always hard to be glum in her presence. “Tell me about him”

“Who the prince?” she laughed “Oh he changes every night, sometimes dark hair sometimes light”

“What do you dream about doing with him? Running away?”

“All things silly”

“Like what? Kissing him?”

Anya giggled “and more!”

“Your shocking!”

“Well being prim all the time is no fun, besides what’s the harm? it’s only a dream”

“I don’t know” Maegan replied “Still, It doesn’t sound respectable”

“Perhaps not” Anya agreed a big grin drawn on her face “Still dreaming’s all I get, at least you know Christopher will come home to you eventually. Don’t you dream of Christopher in that way?”

“What way… oh you mean like ‘that’?”

“Yes like that silly??” Anya replied “Don’t you imagine what it will be like when he comes home and takes to to his bed?”

Maegan shook her head “No not really”

“Well your still young” Anya chuckled “Wait till your my age, then im sure it will be all you think about”

“Really?” Maegan replied unable to hide her shock at Anya’s openness. “Do you confess it?” she asked.

“Of course, it would be a sin not too”

 “Every time?”

“Well not every time” Anya laughed “if I did I fear i’d never leave the confessional, I tend to save them up.. then when I go I can just .. blah blah .. I did this.. blah blah I did did. .. blah blah .. i’ve been having lustful thoughts .. blah blah .. you know gets it all out of the way then”

“Doesn’t the priest ever ask who they where about?”

“Sometimes” Anya giggled, “I just think he likes to listen.. I suppose he’s as stuck as me, I guess his imagination is all he has too”

“Anya that’s disgraceful, he’s a priest i’m sure he doesn’t have lustful thoughts”

Anya smiled wickedly “And I bet he does”

2 responses to “Dreams are better than reality

  1. I’m with Anya. I bet the priest has lots of lustful thoughts!

    And poor Maegan. Kaitlyn needs to come home for a weekend and tell her that all of this is developmentally normal. ;) And even if it is sinful, who cares? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and all.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with this. :)

  2. Strangely i think Kaitlyn is abit busy with Duncan right now to be giving Maegan the birds and bee’s talk .. hehe.

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