Down in the Valley

They rode across the hillside, the wind blowing though her hair. She felt free, liberated as though nothing else in the world mattered. Every now and again, he’d turn back to look at her, those aqua eye’s glinting in the sunlight, beneath a mop of black hair.

Eventually he slowed, drawing the horse into a small lightly wooded valley, Maegan wasn’t sure where they where she’d never been this far away from the estate before, the hassles and worries that lay there seeming far behind and inconsequential.

As he climbed down from the horse their hands touched briefly sending spark’s ricocheting though her body and she knew he felt too. Without a word he simply smiled, staring at her for what seemed like the longest moment, before taking the reigns and leading her down to a small free running stream, the crystal water reflecting the light though the foliage of the tree’s. 

Loosely tying the reign’s to a branch of a tree, he smiled before circling around to meet her. She watched with nervous anticipation as he ran his hand gently down the neck and flank of the animal before coming to rest on the skin her ankle, beneath the fold’s of her gown.Looking up at her, he smiled his eye’s twinkling, she did not know how long they held that gaze, but in that instant she felt as though she could have held it for eternity.  The warmth of his hand on her leg the warmth of his smile in her heart. 

Breaking away he moved closer reaching up he took her firmly by the waist, gently lifting her down, as she gently slid she could feel his body next to her’s and even though several layer’s of clothes separated them just felt it as intensely as she would if she’d been naked, a sudden urge flowed over her an urge to wrap her legs around him and pull him too her. Burying it, she forced herself to remain calm, reminded herself she was a lady she let him place her feet gently on the ground.

Taking her hand, he led her in silence to the waterside, where a blanket had already been laid, he didn’t speak not a sound leaning forward he kissed her neck gently before pulling her down to the floor, where she could feel him making a start on the ties of her gown.

4 responses to “Down in the Valley

  1. Whoa. woah. Meagan you’re married! Even if your husband has disappeared and he’s twice your age. I know nobles can take on a lover if they wish, but for goodness sakes, she should lose her virginity to her husband, not to the farmhand. When Christopher comes back he’ll be pissed. I can’t wait to see what happens next :)

  2. There is something quite dreamlike about this post … I can’t explain it, it’s just the atmosphere. It’s lyrical and very romantic. Beautifully done.

    So beautifully done, in fact, that I’m having a hard time getting upset with Maegan for … pulling a Christopher, I guess you might say! He’s been gone for what, nine months now? He’s kept that girl waiting long enough.

  3. You know, maybe Morgaine is right. Maybe she’s having a dream? I know it’s just the sims, that makes me feel better.

  4. Hmm. I just looked on the date of this post and the post before. They both take place on March 25th. Now, I find if hard to believe that Maegan can run away from Bailey because ZOMG sexual feelings!!! and then ten minutes later have a tryst with him. Plus Bailey might take a bit of convincing, seeing as a) she’s a noblewoman, b) she’s married and c) to his brother. Half-brother, but brother all the same.

    But the subconcious mind can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, with no regards for logic, convention or the feelings of anyone else involved. And I would bet dollars to donuts that Maegan’s subconscious mind wants Bailey! ;)

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