Vampire Anatomy

“Asha move closer” her mentor instructed “You won’t learn a thing, all the way over there”

Asha took a deep breath, the lower reaches of Darkfire Castle seemed so far removed from the upper level’s, above ground the pristine marble in shades of white, pink and blue gave the castle an almost angelic appeal, up there she could almost imagine it was what heaven as like. Down here though the dankness of the enclosed spaces was almost suffocating and where the silence was only ever broken my the infrequent moan of one of the prisoners. She’d never even dared question who or what her father kept down here till now.

In the center of the room stood a large table on which was chained a man in ragged clothing, he struggled violently against the restrain’s that held him fast but even the fanged teeth in his mouth did not distract from the fear she saw in his eye.

“Who is he?” she dared ask, turning and shooting a pleading look towards her father who stood close by his hand reassuringly on her shoulder, urging her forwards.

“Not a who!” Lucious replied “A What.. it hasn’t been a who in quite some time”

“It’s a vampire?” Asha asked.

“Clever girl”

“Why are you holding it?”

“To teach you about their anatomy, of course”  Lucious replied matter of factly.

Asha nodded feeling suddenly rather sick. She didn’t like Lucious one little bit. A fact she hid from her father, but there was something cold about him and deeply disturbing about him.  However she couldn’t help but accept that since he’d been teaching her, her gifts had grown more than she ever thought possible.

“We aren’t going to hurt it are we?”

“You can’t hurt it” Lucious replied “it’s already dead”

“Yes I know but I mean .. it can still feel surely”

 “Arh good question” he replied turning to her father, “She always poses the best questions, you were so right about her being a good student”

 Asha felt he father pat her on the shoulder, she would have turned to look at him, if it wasn’t for the fact that she could barely peel her gaze from the creature on the bench.“No Asha if can’t feel” her mentor replied “It will scream out, beg for you to stop but no .. it can not feel pain. They are merely tricks and lies designed to make you feel pity on it leaving yourself vulnerable to it”

 “Yes but not all Vampires are evil surely… I mean… “ her voice suddenly trailing off, she was going to tell him about Vincent but suddenly thought better of it.

“All vampires are evil” he replied “They are un-holy tricksters, sometimes they can be quite convincing but there soul long since left their body Asha, so don’t you forget it”


“No but’s … come here… “Lucious instructed, Asha cautiously moved forward meeting Lucious next to the bench near the creatures feet.

“Vampires have few weakness’s … sunlight is one of the most reliable ways to kill them, unfortunately you can’t always rely on the sunrise to come around just as you need it.  Vampires are as a rule at their weakest during the daylight hour’s.. as soon as the sun rises they begin to weaken even if there are deep underground where the suns rays can not hurt them, their bodies will naturally start to shut down.. young vampires will find this need to sleep almost un-resistible, I’ve know them to literally fall down right where they stand unable to keep themselves awake. However this said .. older vampires are more powerful and while day time is still the best time to kill them in their weakened state, some older vampires can resist this requirement to sleep for several hours or even days”

“When directly exposed to daylight, most vampires will burn, literally burst into flames right in front of your eye’s, however vampires come in different breeds and different breeds gain different ability and some of their nobles and shifters have been known to be able to survive in daylight for over an hour before they are destroyed.. incidentally I have reason to believe the two oldest currently in Grimstead, are both capable of walking for limited times within the light… still there we have weakness number one”

“Despite contrary belief, vampires do not fear cross’s, holy or running water , they do not require permission to enter your home, nor are they repulsed by garlic…or hurt by silver. This said one or two I have encountered have held fears of these things, I suspect it is purely a mortal fear however perhaps so ingrained into their mind while living they continued to have this irrational fear into the un-life”

“Weakness number two… Wooden stakes. A stake though the heart will not kill a vampire, but it does put them into a paralysed state, from which they can not recover until the stake is removed. The difficulty here is that many Vampires have taken measures against it happening or are just darn hard to catch and pin down”

“Here’s a stake” Lucious instructed passing her a small wooden piton and a hammer before pointing at the vampire “You try, I’ve marked out the area for you already”

Asha peered at the creature still writhing on the bench, struggling against the bonds that held him she could indeed see where a cross had been marked on the creatures chest. “I don’t want to hurt it” she argued.

“You can’t hurt it” Tarik replied “It’s already dead” giving her a gentle push in the back.

“Are you sure it won’t kill it?” she asked

“No of course not, I’ve done it many times” Tarik replied.

Nervously she positioned the stake onto the cross and gave it a swift hit with the hammer, the stake jolted but skidded harmlessly off the creatures tough hide. “I can’t” she begged.

“Try with your gift” Tarik urged,

Replacing the sake, she focused her power and forced the sake downwards, a horrific crunch echo’ed out as the stake broke though the creatures ribs, and a scream of pain was cut desperately short as the creature was paralysed, eyes staring upward off the bench.

“Well done” Lucious replied, prying her still shaking hands off the stake “Well done” he smiled “Now back to killing them… Vampires can’t be killed easily, simply hacking them up is ineffective as they can regenerate at an astonishing rate. Everything about a Vampires being revolves around blood they keep coming unless you make them use up every drop in thier body”

“We do know that the werewolves do have weapons from which they can’t regenerate but so far I’ve been unable to get my hands on one…. Still I can show you what I mean”

Taking a knife, Asha watched in morbid fascination as Lucious took a knife from his pocket and took to to the Vampires wrist, leaning on it with his full weight the knife crunched though bone severing it’s hand. “Now this vampire has not been fed, recently … so he has no blood to fuel his own regeneration.. as you can see the wound neither bleeds nor heal’s. However if we take some blood” Lucious smiled holding up a small vial “And feed it, watch… “ Asha watched as Lucious poured the vial of blood down the creatures throat and within minutes the hand had already begun to regenerate.

“Hungry vampires are dangerous things, the older they are the less then need to feed but all vampires regardless of age have an overwhelming urge to feed. When they are hungry they lack the control and restraint they may normally have as the need for blood over takes them… ”

“Right final lesson.. weakness number 3. Fire … Fire can destroy a vampire .. at least they are as vulnerable to it as we are. As far as we can tell Vampires struggle to regenerate fire damage, they do regenerate it without a mark like other damage,  but it’s a much slower process as far as we can tell a burned vampire can take weeks if not months to fully regenerate. As such if the heart is burnt to ash it effectively kills the creature, as even they can not regenerate from that. As such Vampires have a super natural fear of if and can even be repelled by it, the level of the exact fear tends to depend on the age of the vampire but even the oldest of vampires will rarely if ever willingly expose themselves to a source of fire bigger than a candle flame.

 “Vincent did when he saved me” Asha replied without thinking.


 “Nothing” Asha replied hurriedly realising her mistake.. “ So is that all?”

 “Yes for now, but I want you back here sharply at nightfall tomorrow for your next lesson ‘werewolf anatomy’ ”

One response to “Vampire Anatomy

  1. Werewolf anatomy?!?!?

    I think I know where Alice is …

    And all this stuff about vampires — seriously cool. Seriously gruesome, but if your choices are “be lunch” or “kill the undead,” I know what my choice would be.

    Still, I do not trust Lucious. No, I don’t trust him at all. Tarik, what are you doing with this guy? He reeks of bad news like an Italian chef reeks of tomato sauce!

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