Horse Hair and Earth

Maegan wandered out the stables, more than anything she loved to ride and the feeling of being truly free. She’d settled well into life at the hallows, being Lady Vaux the wife of an absent lord was certainly never dull, between Orrick attempts at keeping his sons escapades a secret and the day to day duties of the household she often had little time to simply be by herself.

Sneaking into the stables she quickly passed by all of the other horses to the end where her own black mare was stabled, an unexpected wedding gift from Christopher before he left, but sadly he’d never known what an absolutely perfect gift it had been.

At the sight of her the horse quickly met her out stretched hand nuzzling and sniffing around hunting for un-seen treats, she often kept hiding in the pockets of her gown.

“Oh you greedy thing” she scolded, reaching into her pocket for the carrots she’d bought her. Giggling as the mare quickly snuffled them up ticking the palm of her hand.

“No wonder she’s gaining weight” a voice suddenly laughed, causing Maegan to spin and fact a teenage boy she recognised from around the estate.

“She’s not” Maegan replied defensively rubbing the pony’s nose affectionately “It’s only a little carrot”

“Only a little carrot to you” the boy smiled “might as well be cake to her”

“It doesn’t do her any harm” Maegan replied, suddenly nervous watch as the boy continued his approach.

“I was only joking” he replied, “I’m Bailey, I’ve been looking after her”

“You’re the stable hand?” she replied feeling suddenly relieved.

“Well me and my brother.. we are working on Jed’s farm, but we help out here when we get chance” he explained with a smile, his pitch black hair flopping carelessly over his eye’s. She watched as he idly brushed it a side revealing perhaps the most beautiful eye’s she had ever seen in her life. They where almost aqua like two little pool’s of light that seems to reflect every scrap of light available.   

“Oh that’s nice” she mumbled realising she was staring.

“Are you alright, Milady?” Bailey asked, “You look faint?”

“Im fine” Maegan managed to mutter, she wasn’t quite sure why but she did suddenly feel quite faint, and her cheeks where burning and she couldn’t for the life of her fathom out why she felt suddenly embarrassed, her eye’s darting to the floor desperate to be anywhere but caught in his gaze.

“Are you sure?” he asked looking suddenly concerned, and taking another step towards her, holding out his hand as an offer to steady her.  

 “Im fine” she replied altogether too sharply, ignoring his outstretched hand “I have to go”

“Alright Milady, do you need a hand? I can take you somewhere if you want?”

“No.. no I’ll be fine” she replied, looking for an escape route, he was unbearably close now. So close she could practically feel the heat of his body, he smelled of a strange mixture of earth and horse with the faintest touch of lavender.

Seeming to sense her panic he took a step backward to let her past ”Are you sure your alright milady?” he asked again.

She didn’t answer she just ran.

3 responses to “Horse Hair and Earth

  1. Uh oh looks like teenage hormones are starting to kick in…

  2. Aww, how sweet! Young love. Too bad she’s already married …

    … to Bailey’s half-brother …

    As if poor Maegan didn’t have enough drama in her life. ;)

  3. Aww, how sweet! Young love. Too bad she’s already married …

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