Holy Grail

Daniel strode confidently towards Thomas’s … no HIS chambers.. at least they would be soon. Opening the door the study he made his way inside eager to find out what the kingdom had in store for him.

He wasn’t a fool he’d always known there where many plots and plans bubbling beneath the surface, like why Tarik got away with killing a priest not to mention running off with a number of Grimstead men.  

His whole body tingled with excitement, he couldn’t have been more excited if he’d found the Holy Grail it’s self. Scanning Thomas’s desk where the current journal usually sat he was surprised to find it gone, panic welling his gaze went directly to the bookcase where the older volumes usually sat, finding them gone as well.

“You shouldn’t be here” a voice suddenly said, spinning around Daniel came face to face with Sir Bendett.

“Vince” Daniel smiled.. “I thought..”

“I know what you thought” Vince replied sternly “You shouldn’t be here”


“You aren’t King yet” Vince replied, sharply his disapproval so evident he barely allowing the younger man to get a word in.

Daniel felt the frustration well up inside him “You know it’s good as decided” he protested. Vince nodded in agreement but the look showed how unhappy the prospect made him. “Do you not think I would make a good king” Daniel demanded, unable to hide the hurt, that his own teacher thought him unfit.

“It’s not about you being unfit” Sir Bendett replied almost reading his mind, his expression softening “It’s about what Thomas and your father before him wanted, Duncan is supposed to take the crown”

“Duncan’s too young” Daniel protested “I’m just doing what’s best for the kingdom”

“Then act as regent” Vince replied.

“No!… that’s… that’s not best for the kingdom”

“Are you sure?” Vince replied “Or are you thinking about what’s best for you?”

“I don’t even know why I’m talking to you” Daniel replied “I trust when I am king I will have your loyalty?” he demanded.

“Always” Sir Bendett replied “I will serve as I always have but I don’t expect Kaitlyn or Duncan to take this so easily”

“Why should I care how they take it” Daniel replied “They have no power, I don’t even know why Thomas and my father treated them the way they did, like nobles when Lar’s is just a woodsman”

“I’m sure they had there reasons” Vince replied.

“Well what are they?” Daniel replied “It seems you’ve hidden my Father’s journal’s from me, so why don’t you tell me why Lar’s gets such preferential treatment”

“The journals?” Vince replied peering over Daniel’s shoulder and looking surprised “I haven’t hidden them” he replied, his expression looking worried.

“So you haven’t moved them?”

“No I certainly have not, nor has anyone to my knowledge”.  

“Then where are they?”

“Im not sure, I shall look for them right away” Vince promised, turning to hurry away.

“So!” Daniel demanded “Answer the question?!”

“Pardon?” Vince replied turning back to face him before he reached the door.

“Why does Lar’s get preferential treatment?”

“Erm..” Vince paused for looking for a moment like a man who didn’t quite understand the question. “I guess it’s because he’s family” he answered finally.

“Family?” Daniel baulked, “Like family how?”

“Well he’s my cousin, but he was also your fathers nephew the illegitimate son of one of the uncles conquests”

“Pah.. that doesn’t make him a noblemen, there must be another reason?”

 “None that I know of” Vince replied calmly seeming somewhat distracted scanning the room “Anyway I need to go and find these books” he replied excusing himself and leaving rather hurriedly.

One response to “Holy Grail

  1. Uh-oh.

    I blame the vamps. Some vamps, if not the Siren/Vincent vamps. Or I wonder — could Sophie have done it? She seemed a bit cagey earlier, when Daniel asked her what was in store for them.

    Questions, questions, so many questions … *sits back in eager anticipation*

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