Wolf’s Head

Thomas sat quietly in his chambers, the drink had long since nulled the senses and he took comfort in the fact. He’d lost her, the one precious thing he had in his life and she was gone, and if that was not more than he could bare she had gone to him.

He couldn’t continue this way, he couldn’t spend night after night in his room drinking himself into this state neglecting everything, neglecting the kingdom his father would have expected so much more from him.

Standing he teetered back and forward, steadying himself on the arm of the chair he stumbled towards the doorway, “time for bed” he slurred pulling the door open which swung wildly slamming him hard in the face. “Ugh!.. who did that?” he growled spinning looking for an unseen assailant.

Finding none he quickly forgot about it, tottering out into the stairwell. Peering down the spiral staircase he swayed “Now you chap’s stay still while I step on you” he grumbled angrily as the stairs seemed to dance in front of his eye’s.

Taking the first step carefully, he managed to put one foot in front of the other, suddenly his legs gave way from under him sending him tumbling unceremoniously down the stairs landing in a heap at the bottom and slamming his head into the hard cold stone.

He could not have told you how long he lay on the floor the wound from his head bleeding, but eventually he felt himself being lifted by strong arms “Let’s get you to bed, your highness” the voice echo’ed. His vision blurred he could not quite make out the man who helped him to his feet, but felt himself being moved quickly down the corridor.

 “Helt” he demanded.

 “Helt?” a confused voice asked.

 “Halt.. I mean Halt” Thomas replied.

“What is it, your highness?”

“What’s the matter with the window?” Thomas asked straining to see as the figure moved him closer.

“Nothing your highness the window is fine”

“No.. no it’s not” Thomas slurred “The carvings gone!”

“The carving?”

“Yes see!” Thomas urged, struggling to hold his own weight, rubbing his finger across the area where the small wolf head carving had once been. “It’s been scratched off.. the wolf”

“Yes your highness, I’ll get someone to look at it in the morning”

“Not the morning!” Thomas urged “now.. need to get the werewolves to put it back or the vampires will get in”

“Yes you highness” the figure laughed apparently amused by his ramblings “The werewolves! I’ll be sure to tell them right away”

“You do that!” Thomas nodded “not tomorrow.. right away,, you go up to the cabin and tell them”

“Yes your highness” the figure chuckled, carrying though the door to his bedchamber “Right away”

“Be sure to do it” Thomas replied landing heavily on his bed.

“Get some sleep your highness”

2 responses to “Wolf’s Head

  1. Oh, that’s not good. That’s not good at all … shoot, do the vamps have Thomas now?!? That’s all Grimstead needs!

    On the plus side, disheveled drunk Thomas is a feast for the eyes, if bad news for the kingdom!

  2. Ah, and of course no one would believe him, he can’t even walk down the stairs he’s so drunk. This could be bad, and probably will be.

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