Broken Toy’s

Danson pushed the door to Thomas’s study open, finding almost immediately what he was looking for. “Thomas, may I come in?” he asked warily.

“Why not!” Thomas slurred “my usual drinking partner has abandoned me, so pull up a mug”

“Your usual drinking partner is somewhat busy” Danson replied coolly wholly unimpressed by the sight of his old friend drinking again.

“Busy?! Doing what?!” Thomas asked clearly not having understood, or cared about the predicament he’d put Abel in.

“He’s seeing to his sister! Remember the girl who has just lost your baby, the girl who you are throwing out, barely hours after”

“uh… her” Thomas snorted. “So what do you want?”

“I was hoping to talk reason into you”

“Reason?! I’m not being unreasonable” Thomas reasoned, “she’s not carrying my baby I feel no obligation.. any … more” his last few words coming out in almost a sing song fashion, clearly pleased with his decision.

 “Your drunk”

 “Indeed I am, and getting drunker by the moment” Thomas grinned.

“Do you think this is what Holly would want for you”

“Why do I give a damn what she wants, she has Valdermar”

Danson shook his head sadly “what about your father then? Is this what he’d want?”

“Don’t you dare bring my father into this” Thomas growled.

“I’m sure he’d be very proud to see this is what he’d left his kingdom too” Danson said with a wave at Thomas.

“Danson your out of order” Thomas barked.

“But I’m not wrong” Danson replied evenly. “What happened to the man who was concerned for Ailana’s reputation?”

“He doesn’t care any more” Thomas grumbled sinking further into his seat.

“Will you still not care if you learned she died, starved in some hovel somewhere”

“Not especially” Thomas replied, taking another long mouthful of brandy directly from the bottle “besides I thought you wanted her gone, make up your mind.. first you didn’t think she belonged and now you upset i’m sending her away”

“She’s a girl, the right of wrong of her being here in the first place is irrelevant, you took her into your keeping, you announced to half the kingdom you’d marry her, what are the people to think?”

“They’ll get over it” Thomas shrugged.

“You have a responsibility!”

“Don’t you tell me what I have!”

“I will tell you, because clearly you don’t seem to know.. if you had no intention of seeing her taken care of you should never have allowed her into your home” Danson reasoned his voice raised, he knew he was stepping on thin ice but for reason’s he couldn’t fathom he was really upset.


“Go away” Thomas growled, seeming to Danson like a petulant child.

 “I have known you for many a year” Danson growled unable to halt himself “Your like a spoiled child that never grew up, you got thrown from your training with Sir Bendett because you refused to play by the rules, in university.. you scraped your way though every class, more interested by the girls you toyed with than your lessons. Holly was the best damn thing that ever happened too you.. but what was she? a toy? A toy you got bored with abandoned and then betrayed”

“How dare you” Thomas growled heaving himself out of the chair to face his accuser, he swung out wildly missing Danson who sober. easily sidestepped the obvious attempt.

 “Behave!” Danson replied, he would have laughed if he’d have found any of this amusing. Reaching out he pushed Thomas gently but sharply on the forehead. While Thomas too drunk to prevent it tottered and landed flat on his back. “Your a disgrace” Danson muttered watching Thomas struggle to regain himself “You could never beat me sober nevermind drunk”

2 responses to “Broken Toy’s

  1. Is it wrong that I want Danson to kick the crap out of Thomas? … I don’t think so. You go, Danson!

  2. “You could never beat me sober nevermind drunk” –> OUCH!!

    I agree with Dayna, though. You go, Danson! Now if only he’d smacked some sense into Thomas before Thomas slept with Ailana or neglected Holly so much …

    Though I must ask — what is it with Danson and damsels in distress? Is he auditioning for the role of Grimstead’s official White Knight? (Pardon the vile pun.) ;)

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