Thomas Gives an Order

The door to Thomas’s chamber slammed open and Thomas thundered in, giving Daniel a start.

“I heard you where home” Daniel nodded “I’ve been waiting for you, we need to talk”

“I don’t want to talk, Thomas growled “I need a drink, then I want to sleep. Talking can wait”

“Thomas it’s important” Daniel Pleaded, though he already saw the look in Thomas’s eye that told him talking was futile, his brother had sank back into that wallowing hole he’d created for himself when Holly had left.

“Everything is important to you!” Thomas hissed his tone accusing “I don’t need or want to hear more about Graymont”

“This isn’t about Graymont” Daniel replied, chasing after his brother who had already headed towards the liquor. “It’s about Ailana”

“I don’t want to hear about her either”

“You must Thomas, she’s sick”

“She’s always sick, it’s not new’s.. she was sick before I left, besides what do I care”

“You should care”

“Well I don’t” Thomas spat “Leave me alone”

“Thomas!” Daniel tried to protest but was cut off before he could finish.

“Leave!” Thomas roared. “Guards!” within seconds two guards had appeared. “Show my brother out” he ordered.

“Thomas!” Daniel protested as one of the guards laid a gentle hand on his shoulder “It’s Ailana… she’s lost the baby”

Thomas seemed to stop raising his arm indicating to the guard that they should wait a moment. He paused briefly. “Good” Thomas decided. “Pack her things and see to it she disappears.. I want her out of here before nightfall”

“But Thomas” Daniel protested.

Thomas didn’t answer knocking bad a huge measure of brandy he stormed from the chamber “I’m going to bed” he announced.

One response to “Thomas Gives an Order

  1. Guess the Hamduns won’t be climbing as high as they would like to, unless Sophie has something up her sleeve.

    *sigh* Poor Ailana. Poor Thomas, poor Holly — poor everybody in Grimstead, since it doesn’t seem like Thomas will be up to the responsibilities of kingship for very much longer.

    Duncan better grow up and take over quickly, s’all I’m saying. Unless, of course, Sophie has something up her sleeve.

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