Near Miss

Hollers from the guards alerted Orrick to the sudden urgency of his predicament. Footfalls in the distance meant that within moments not only would his position and situation be known he was also very likely to be rained on by a shower of arrows on his exposed behind.

He gave a sudden heave powered with sheer desperation, a rip and a thud surely followed as rear of his pants split and he landed heavily in a heap on the floor.

“Is everything Ok?” Thomas asked.

“Fine” Orrick grumbled from the floor, “I.. erm slipped im fine”

“Understood” Thomas smiled, suddenly distracted himself by the sounds of men running up the stairs. “What’s going on” Orrick heard Thomas mutter to himself as Thomas crossed the room towards the door.

Orrick crawled, on hands and knees back to the window and quickly but quietly closed it. Peering up over the ledge he could see the gardener pointing up at the windows trying to show a dozen guards what he’d seen before ducking back to catch his breath.

“Chris im going to have to get back to you” Thomas called. “Someone’s trying to break in though one of the windows”

“Oh… oh right no problem” Orrick replied cringing.

“Everything is alright in there with you? Can you see anything?”

“Erm everything is quiet here?” Orrick replied, “Let me look” pulling out the ginger wig he pulled it onto his head before re-opening the window. Looking one way and then the other, as though hunting for the assailant he waved to the guards below. “No I can’t see anything” he replied.

“Im sorry Chris im going to have to deal with this” Thomas replied “Can I catch you later?”

“Erm… well to be honest im feeling really rough” Orrick explained “I was thinking of having a sleep”

“Very well I understand” Thomas replied “Are you sure your not interested in helping me with the improvements im making to the army?”

“Quite sure”

“Very well, I’ll leave you to sleep good day” Thomas headed out into the hall where a dozen guards where racing up the stairs led by a half undressed Abel. “What’s going on? He demanded moving up the hallway to meet them.

“You highness, the gardener saw someone breaking into one of the upstairs windows, he thinks it was on this floor… one of the guest quarters perhaps”

Thomas shook his head, “Well there’s no-one in Christopher’s room I’ve just been in there speaking with him, have you tried Orrick’s?”

“Not yet your highness” Abel nodded, taking the hint and knocking on Orrick’s door before opening it to allow the men to enter and conduct there search.

“Abel aren’t you supposed to be preparing for your wedding night?” Thomas ask querying his undress.

Abel smiled, tucking himself in quickly “I heard the call, it’s my duty” he explained.

“Your off duty” Thomas chuckled “Now go and see to your bride I can handle this”

“A knight is never off duty” he replied in all seriousness “I will go back to her when I’m sure you’re safe”

Thomas suddenly peered over his shoulder noticing someone come up behind him.

“Is there a problem?” Orrick asked.

 Thomas shrugged, looking back to the guards who by now had given Orricks chambers a good search, one of them shook his head indicating they found nothing.

“False Alarm by the looks of things” he explained, “Gardener saw he saw someone breaking in though a window. Olde Charlies no doubt been on the mead again” he chuckled.

Orrick laughed nervously “Were on the third floor, what kind of idiot would be scaling walls on the 3rd floor a fall would surely kill them?”

One response to “Near Miss

  1. That must come under the heading as one of the best saves in Grimstead’s history. Nice going, Orrick! :)

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