Two Wiggling Leg’s

Thomas knocked for a last time, getting no reply and tiring of waiting he pushed the door open and stepped inside. The room was much as he would have expected of travelling noblemen. Travelling cases where stacked neatly against one wall, oddments of make-up and perfume where littered on the dressing table and the clothes Christopher had worn for the wedding lay carelessly discarded on the floor.

The gardrobe room door was closed so he sat down on the bed to wait, he could hear some faint grunting and cursing so he assumed Christopher was inside “I hope you aren’t messing up my closed stool” Thomas chuckled. 

Meanwhile outside Orrick clung onto the stonework for dear life “You are not dying like this” he cursed to himself, legs flailing he tried desperately to hook one up and though the gaps in the railings. “Getting your leg over was never a problem in the past” 

20 years ago he would have managed this no problem, but the years had been cruel and his joints protested but finally he got his leg where he needed it to be, which alleviated the strain on his arms somewhat. 

Breathing a small sigh of relief, he knew he wasn’t safe yet, now he had to haul himself up to a point where he could reach the top of the railing and pull himself over. Several moments of grunting passed but eventually he managed to pull himself to safety, leaving himself panting heavily on the stone balcony, “Never again” he muttered, “Never again” 

Still aware that he was up against a deadline he reached from hands and knee’s to the door handle into Maegan’s room. He was just about to hurry inside when he paused it had gone quiet.. Thomas was no longer knocking, hopefully he’d gone away assuming Christopher was sleeping. 

Deciding against bursting into the room, he tiptoed to the window and peered inside, quickly darting away when he saw Thomas casually sitting on the bed. “Blast it” he cursed what was he going to do now? 

“Are you aright in there Chris?” he heard Thomas call, causing him to suddenly realise that Thomas thought Christopher was in the Gardrobe. Ducking low he crawled on hands and knee’s below the window frame across the balcony towards the Gardrobe window. 

If Thomas had the foresite to look towards the window he would have seen bobbing a shock of red hair from the wig in Orricks pocket as his old joints failed to get him low enough below the window level. 

Reaching the gardrobe window, Orrick slowly eased it open, it was small, tiny infact “Blast it” he muttered under his breath. As he lent inside, someone once told me that if you can get your shoulders into a space the rest of your body will follow he thought to himself as he tried to pull himself up though the window. 

“Christopher are you aright?” Thomas called from the other side of the door “shall I call the doctor”

 “No…” Orrick called back “Oww!” he cursed as his foot slipping from the wall, scraping his knee. 

“Did you hurt yourself?” 

“No” Orrick squeaked his face red as his knee throbbed painfully “Im fine… just sick thats all”

“You sound strange? Are you sure your aright?” 

“Im fine… been coughing that all… throats sore..” he lied quickly heaving himself once again up to the window frame and trying to pull himself inside.

 “Are you sure you don’t want me to call the doctor?”

 “I’m fine… don’t call the doctor” Orrick replied panicking as he managed to pull his shoulders and chest though the window. His eye’s suddenly widening when he realised his legs where not following. Who ever said if you could get your shoulders though a space the rest of your body would follow lied. His belt buckle and stomach kept him wedged in place his legs dangling unhelpfully on the other side.

 “I’ll leave you then” Thomas suggested “I didn’t realise you where so sick, I’ll visit you at the Hallow’s later in the week”

 “No!” Orrick snapped sharply, feabily struggling to get himself unstuck “I can deal with it now” he replied breathlessly his legs still waving in the air “what did you want?”

 “It was about the army? Your ideas from last summer I wanted to go over them with you? But your sick it can wait” 

“no no… erm… im … sorry Thomas … I can’t help you with that any more…. I erm have a responsibility to Maegan and my Father… the estate needs a lot of work… im erm… leaving the army” Orrick explained quickly. 

“Oh I’m sorry to here that” Thomas replied.


“The clematis need pruning.. i’ll get the boys on that tomorrow” Charlie the gardener mumbled to himself as he wandered though the gardens carrying the last of his equipment before he headed home for the night. “still I think we might have the best garden yet this year, oh the king will be happy” he sighed happily to himself.

Charlie loved his job with the royal family, he was the head gardener which meant he got to design and tend the garden each year but had boys under him to do the less pleasant tasks.

“Moon’s up….. goodness is it as late as that? I’ll get a ribbing if i’m late for tea” he chuckled picking up his pace. Taking one last look back at the garden’s and castle his eye’s where suddenly drawn to movement on the 3rd floor. Straining to see in the darkness, there was definite movement… legs in fact.. wiggling legs poking out of a window!!

“Assassin” he cried dropping his equipment in an untidy heap as he ran towards the back door “Assassin… someone’s trying to break in” he hollered trying to alert the guards.

2 responses to “Two Wiggling Leg’s

  1. *climbs back into her chair, still laughing*

    That. Was. HILARIOUS.

    Hopefully the guards, when they show up, will come from the bedroom and help Orrick get inside. Because the last thing that man needs right now is an arrow in the butt. :P

  2. Oh no now Thomas will find Orrick in there instead of Christopher. Even if Orrick comes up with some sort of excuse about Christopher, it’ll be funny seeing how he explains himself to the guards

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