Insanity is Just a State of Mind

“Is this what you had planned?” Vincent asked concerned. “When you said you where going to give her a normal life… a husband that will beat her?”

“It is the life she has mapped out for herself, the boy is not so bad he would treat her well if she let him” Siren replied, the pair had been watching the wedding upfold from various positions outside the castle. Now they sat quietly in a tree, Vincents gifts hiding them from the eye’s of mortals.

“You could make it easier for her?” Vincent suggested “Perhaps use your own gifts to make him not seem so bad?”

Siren smiled “Always the compassionate one, No this is something she needs to sort out for herself, besides we’ll need her soon and I don’t want to tamper with her more than is needed. Besides we need to continue our work with Sophie… I must say she’s been quite a find, fancy finding a seer so close to home?”

Vincent nodded “Your thinking of turning her arn’t you?” he replied knowing that look in his mistress’s eye.

“No… well yes.. not personally she wouldn’t fit in with our clan at all.. but there are others who might have use for her”

“Isabel” Vincent replied with a slight shudder.

Siren chuckled “You don’t like her much do you?”

“No… no ever since the incident with the puppy…”

“That is why they are called the ‘loonatic’s” siren smiled “ all of them quite mad, but they have some of the most powerful seer’s of our ranks, once you learn how to control them they can be quite productive”

“I know but… I can still hear it’s whines… it was…just un-natural.. Besides why? Sophie she isn’t nearly as mad as she makes out, look at how she’s already controlling Thomas.. She’ll have Thomas married to Ailana by the end of next month, yet she already knows there never was going to be a baby”

“Exactly why I want her” Siren smiled. “She’s spent years fostering the idea she’s mad, it serves her well, people talk around her thinking her too flighty to understand, yet when she speaks people listen because thanks you her seer ability she has a habit of being right. She’s become quite a force to be re-conned with, of all the Hamdun’s she’s the one people should be watching yet no-one gives her a second thought, imagine what we could do with her, if we added a few real psychosis.

One response to “Insanity is Just a State of Mind

  1. Eeek! No, don’t make evil plans for Sophie! She’s too wonderful to be a pawn of the vamps! :(

    Though, that leads to a question — how exactly would you manage to execute a Nefarious Plot on a seer? Wouldn’t they know you were coming and know how to avoid you?

    Great update, I’m biting my nails with this one.

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