Foolish Old Man

While Orrick hurried up the back stair’s though the servants quarters so no-one would see him, Maegan met Thomas at the bottom of the stairs. “Uncle” she called “Uncle”

Thomas paused and turned to face her “Yes he asked smiling”

“Come and sit with me” she smiled, grabbing his hand “I haven’t seen you in an age”

“I can’t Maegan, not right now I need to speak with your husband”

“Can’t you speak with him later? She pouted. “I’m more interesting”

“So you are, my precious” Thomas replied, gently cupping her face in his hand “ But I fear if I leave it your husband will disappear on me again.

“He can’t go anywhere not while I’m still here” she insisted, her heart pounding in her chest she knew that look, Thomas was determined.. like all men, very few took her seriously. “come please… just for a little while”

“I promise I’ll come back and talk to you”

“Now!” she insisted “I want you to tell me how Duncan is doing”

“Can’t Duncan tell you?” Thomas chuckled.

“Duncan will just tell me how marvellous he is” she replied screwing up her face in disgust “I want the truth”

“I’ll sit down with you later I promise, but right now I need to see your husband” and without further hesitation Thomas headed towards the stairs.

Meanwhile Orrick struggled to get though the maze of corridor’s that made up the servant’s wing, the tight passageways and spiralling staircases made it almost impossible to work out where he was.

After a short run in with a confused and surprised serving girl he eventually made it onto the landing of the guest hall, taking a deep sigh of relief he hurried onwards towards the room Maegan and Christopher where supposed to be staying in.

Turning the corner sharply he almost ran headlong into the king himself, who having took the more direct route had reached the door before him. Orrick heart sank watching as Thomas knocked heavily on the door, but without hesitation he quickly slipped into his own quarters where he paused to consider his options.

“He can’t find out like this” he muttered to himself “Orrick you are a foolish and stupid old man” I was one thing for the king to find out that Christopher had abandoned his wife the kings niece on her wedding night, but quite another to have him find out this. In addition to the web of lies his family had created to hide the fact. If it got out there would nothing left of his family it’s reputation destroyed.

He considered his options for a moment, could he call though the wall the rooms where right next to each other, perhaps Thomas would here and they could talk that way?? No don’t be stupid Orrick, you can’t call though a 5ft thick stone wall, and hope a man on the other side of the room, though a door will hear.

Heading out onto the balcony, he wondered if he could call from there.. quickly dismissing that too he quickly realised there was only one thing for it. He was going to have to climb from his balcony on to Maegan’s and enter her room from there. Looking across the 10ft gap, he looked down to the 50ft drop. “Orrick you are a silly and foolish old man”

There was a narrow rim, on the stone, wall between the balcony’s where the builders had added extra reinforcement to support the stone balcony’s and their emense weight it was barely a foot wide, just wide enough that Orrick though to edge across while clinging to the large rough blocks that made the stone of the walls.

Placing one hand on the stone rail that surrounded the balcony, he picked up his first foot onto the rail with a resounding crack, a complaint from his aging knee’s. “You are a silly and foolish old man” he muttered again, as the wind from the mountains buffeted him. Continuing onward, he bought his second leg over to meet his first dangling them both over the edge of the balcony before taking a precarious step out onto that rim.

He moved slowly and carefully across the rim, shuffling one foot at a time he made his way ever closer to the opposite balcony, he was just about to celebrate his victory having reached the other side when a huge gust of wind hit the wall, sending him reeling and tumbling off his ledge.

Reaching out as he fell he managed to grab one of the stone pillar’s that made up the rail of Maegan’s balcony, leaving him dangling. “You are a silly and foolish old man” he muttered again, peering down at the drop below, catching a glimpse of the horsehair wig poking out of his pocket “You are going to fall, you are going to die… and all people will remember is how you died with that blasted wig”

2 responses to “Foolish Old Man

  1. Ohh! Don’t fall Orrick! :P
    Great pictures, I love it when a chapter has lots of them :)

  2. OMG OMG OMG!!

    Don’t fall, Orrick!! You’re the best nobleman Grimstead has!!

    (I mean, really, what are the odds that Gabriel’s last words would be, “You are going to fall, you are going to die… and all people will remember is how you died with that blasted wig”?)

    Please, evil death calc, give Orrick a reprieve!

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