Christophers Plan’s

“Arh young love” Orrick chuckled to himself watching Abel and Persia interact, both so clearly terrified of the other. Still Thomas had put on a good spread for the pair and the politic’s of the marriage made sense.

Though for a moment Orrick regretted not having more sons, Abel would eventually be the third Hamdun to gain an estate, though admittedly Peter was in another kingdom so it hardly counted.

Still the Hamduns increasing size and power had been his motivation when he’d taken the Hallows even though it stretched his family’s resources. Allowing the Hamduns a lead at this point could be disastrous and his family may never recover. Still with luck Nicoles new baby would be a boy then the Hallows could be passed on to him evening up the score somewhat.

“Orrick have to seen Christopher?” a voice suddenly asked.

Looking up Orrick saw Thomas “Erm.. no he’s gone to lie down” Orrick lied “he hasn’t been at all well im afraid”

“Very well I’ll find him in his room”

“No no” you can’t Orrick replied urgently “He’s very sick”

“Well I really need to speak with him” Thomas insisted, “Before too much of this wine go’s to my head”

“Can’t you see him another day?” Orrick protested.

“I would, but I’ve been trying to contact him since before Christmas and I keep getting told his either out with the army or out on estate business”

“Can’t I pass on a message?”

“Not really no, I need to discuss his plan’s with the army. He came to me last year with some rather extravagant idea’s for changing our tactic’s, yet Vince nor myself have seen him since he wed. I have some plans to put in place and I’d really like his input”

“Oh I’m sorry” Orrick replied, feeling panicked “He’s…. he’s not interested in that sort of thing anymore”

“Orrick I understand you’ve never been Christopher’s biggest supporter when it comes these sorts of things. I know you would rather he stayed at home and ran the estate, but he’s a talented young man and I feel he could do well. I wouldn’t’ want him to regret it in later years. Which is why I would rather discuss it with him”

“Are you suggesting im keeping him at home?” Orrick replied his feelings hurt.

“Not at all, just that perhaps your feelings about what Christopher wants might be different from his. You might be correct he might no longer be interested but I’d rather hear it from him”

“I’ll get him to write you a letter” Orrick suggested.

“This isn’t a matter for a letter” Thomas replied “Thankyou anyway but I’d rather go and speak to him myself and with that Thomas turned and left the room.

“Bother” Orrick cursed, leaping from his seat where he ran over to where Maegan stood talking with the mother .“Maegan Meagan… we’ve got a problem..”

Maegan turned to face him looking confused “Thomas is going upstairs to see Christopher… I need you to stall him”

“What?? How?” Maegan protested.

“He’s your uncle distract him, ask about Ailana… Holly … anything just stall him”

 “What are you going to do?”

 “I don’t know” Orrick replied “Pretend to be Christopher I guess”

 “Orrick no!” Maegan protested further “He’ll never believe it”

 “He must!”

2 responses to “Christophers Plan’s

  1. Aaaack! And here I thought the deception was going so well!

    They’re screwed. They are so, completely, totally, utterly screwed.

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