Christopher Looks Ill

Maegan struggled to keep a straight face, Orrick looked quite a sight. “So what do you think? he beamed.

“It’s alittle …. Well… Ginger don’t you think?” she chuckled.

“From a distance it will be fine”

“But Orrick…” she tried to protest.

“It will be fine” he reassured her.

 Maegan sighed she knew that look it was the ‘Orricks made a decision look’ “Orrick the Chapel is only…. “ she was going to try and explain that the chapel in the castle was only small that there really wasn’t that much distance to be had, but already he’d turned himself off to any protests she might have.

“Have they gone in yet?” he asked.

Maegan nodded, thinking the old man looked rather foolish with his ginger wig “Abel and Thomas have taken their seats and I heard Sir Bendett say he was going to get Perisa that’s why I came”

“Good good, we’ll wait until we hear the organ start up then we’ll head down”

Maegan nodded this was never going to work, it was far too absurd all it was going to achieve was making her and Orrick look foolish.

Downstairs the music began, and with a smile Orrick offered her his arm.

“I don’t have to kiss you do i?” she asked taking it nervously.

“Of course not” Orrick chuckled “Even I wouldn’t wish that on you”

 Maegan nodded relieved, taking his lead she followed downstairs. By the time the arrived outside the chapel the service had begun. Orrick froze and she knew exactly why, most of the time services where performed in the main church, but Abel had specifically requested the castle chapel, it was smaller and he said it had a better atmosphere.

 The chapel however was very small designed only for the use of the royal family it wasn’t designed to hold more than a few people at a time it’s two rows of pews close together meaning Orrick would be quite close to anyone expecting to see Christopher.  Orrick hadn’t concidered this, in truth he’d never actually been inside the royal chapel before.

 “We should go” Maegan offered.

“No No” Orrick replied determined, taking a deep breath her tucked his head down and slipped into the back row next to Kaitlyn merely feet away from where Thomas would sit.   

Kaitlyn, looked at him oddly for a moment, realising the disguise a small smirk spread across her face before rolling her eye’s at her daughter.

A few minutes later, Thomas walked in smiling and took his seat next to able, seeing them he turned and waved, Orrick froze waving back briefly keeping his head low.  Watching as Thomas turned back towards Abel who was still seated beside him “Orrick was right” they heard him say “Christopher doesn’t look well at all”

2 responses to “Christopher Looks Ill

  1. Huh. That could have gone much worse!

    I’m glad of this comic relief, though — it’s a nice break from all the drama attendant at this wedding. :)

  2. Wow I hope that this plan works out. I think Orrick should get out of there right away so that no one tries to come close to him.

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