Flashback To Past Times

The noblemen had already begun to arrive and while Persia wasn’t due on the scene for at least another hour, Thomas and Abel had spent the morning mingling as coach load after coach load of people arrived for the proceedings.

Thomas looked over towards Abel a sudden sympathy pang hit him remembering his own wedding day and the feelings of uncertainty and fear he felt when he thought he was still marrying Raeanne. Abel looked decidedly pale, he was holding up well considering his nerves, the two men had sat for many hours in the past month, talking about one thing and another and Thomas felt close to the young man and though Abel had never said it, Thomas knew that there was something just beneath the surface causing the young man sleepless nights and it was more than just his wedding day.

“Thomas” a soft feminine voice behind him called, turning he came face to face with Raeanne.

“My you look well” Thomas smiled reaching out to embrace her. “I was just thinking about you”

“You where?” she smiled.

“Well I was thinking about our ‘almost wedding’” he laughed.

“Oh that” she chuckled.

“How are you doing?” he asked looking down to her side, to were a little girl stood “My is this Skye, you are getting big young lady”

The little girl grinned and curtsied, causing both Thomas and Raeanne to chuckle. “Im fine, I miss Wolf but life goes on” she replied, “what about you? Im sorry to hear about you and Holly”

“Thanks” he replied uncomfortably “i’m well I guess”

“Are the rumours true?”


“That your to marry Ailana Hamdun?” Raeanne asked looking, inquisitive.

“Oh that” Thomas replied “Yes I guess it is”

“How did that happen?” she asked “You and Holly seemed so happy, I thought if anyone could make it work it was you?”

Thomas sighed “So did I, but then I learned than sometimes love isn’t enough”

“Love is always enough” Raeanne replied resting her hand on his arm comfortingly “I lost Wolf before I really told him how I felt, I hope you didn’t let Holly slip away because of a few obstacle’s”

“Her not being able to give me children is more than a few obstacle’s” he replied.

Raeanne shook her head “Thomas you disappoint me, I never imagined to hear you say something like that? You got your father to allow you to marry a merchant girl, you fought for the right to see and be father to an illegitimate son and yet you gave up on Holly so easily”

“Do you think it was easy” he snapped, sharply “I loved her”

“loved??” Raeanne asked “Or love? There is a difference”

Thomas sighed, chuckling at the irony of having Raeanne a girl he once thought as the devil herself giving him advice on Love. “Is Lar’s and Kaitlyn here?” he asked changing the subject swiftly.

Raeanne chuckled not missing the distraction for a moment “Kaitlyn and the girls are, Lars is still hunting for Alice”


“Long story” Raeanne smiled “Alice is his daughter, Wolfs younger sister she’s staying with us a while, but she went missing over a week ago”

“A daughter I didn’t know Lar’s had more daughters” Thomas asked concerned wondering what else he didn’t know about the woodsman.

“She was a bit of a surprise to everyone” Raeanne smiled.

“So Raeanne do you think you will ever marry again?” Thomas smiled.

“I didn’t marry the first time remember” Raeanne chuckled, “I don’t know.. Wolfs been gone less than a year .. who knows maybe one day in the future but not yet it’s too soon, besides im not sure im the marrying sort. Last man I tried to marry left me at the alter”

“No I didn’t” Thomas chuckled “I was there it was you who didn’t arrive” they both smiled “you know Raeanne you seem so different to the young woman I met in university”

“I’m older” she smiled “a few more grey hair’s perhaps”

“It’s more than that”

Raeanne smiled “Well losing someone you love tends to change a person, I just hope it’s for the better”

“I think it is” Thomas smiled, taking her hand and kissing it lightly “Well I suppose I should find the groom before he run’s off, or gets himself into trouble”

“Is he nervous?”

“Just a little” Thomas replied with a grin.

One response to “Flashback To Past Times

  1. I never thought I would say this, but you tell him, Raeanne!

    I guess a part of me is still shipping Thomas/Holly … but now that there is Ailana and a possible baby on the way, well, I don’t know whose “side” to be on. Not that I imagine things are going to end happily for Ailana no matter how the fallout … falls out.

    Anyways. Back to this unhappy couple! ;)

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