Not the plan

 Lars paced franticly while Kaitlyn prepared the girls breakfast, long since gone where the days where Lars considered how Kaitlyn felt when he spoke of werewolves and vampires. Kaitlyn didn’t like Heather that much was clear though if truth be told he understood why, matters of the pack often came above matters of the family, and sometimes Heathers word was taken above that of his wife.

Kaitlyn seemed untouchable to him now, she’d returned to his side anything but willingly and while she served him as wife the closeness of their relationship had long since gone. Kaitlyn unable to forgive or understand what had happened the night Lar’s had killed Alistair. Remaining at his side only for the sake of her children, doing that which was necessary as his wife and no more.

All of this of course was trivial to the matter at hand, He and Heather had carefully set up yet another test for Alice, yet another she had completely failed. But even that was over shadowed by what had happened afterwards.

They had carefully picked out one of the kindred, they’d watched him for days to ascertain it’s strength only when they were completely sure he had been a newly bitten, and not yet control of any special gifts they had taken it.

Taking it, they’d beaten it to the brink of it’s immortal life, then starved it… starved it to the point the creature could barely think, the hunger taking control of all that had once belonged to the man leaving only the beast.

When they had released it, he had done so confident in the knowledge that it was weak and would try to feed, feed on the only things available, Alice and the girls. He’d hoped that the need to protect the girls would trigger in her the need to fight, the strength to kill.

She should have been able to kill it, she should have been able to tear it apart, young vampires like that where weak in-comparison even the most inexperienced werewolf, but no she’d failed and Eire had been forced to kill the beast, a child barely six season’s old had managed where Alice with the gift had failed.

Lar’s growled, causing Kaitlyn to jump startled. He could accept that perhaps Alice was just not ment for this life. But now someone had taken her… someone not part of the plan, he’d missed something somewhere.. someone must have been watching, planing plotting and now they’d taken her.. his daughter, she’d been lost to him for so many years and now someone had taken her again. He didn’t know who but he knew whoever it was, was going to pay.

One response to “Not the plan

  1. Ooh, no!! Poor Alice!

    But what about the other girls? I mean, by the lack of pieces of Lars flung all over the cabin, I’m guessing Liv and Eire came back all right (plus Lars, you know, knows what happened). But I really hope that they are all right.

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