Protecting the pup’s

The moon was almost full, and brightly lit the clearing was Alice approached, Lar’s had told her to bring the three girl’s, holding Skye’s hand she led them to where she expected to find Lar’s waiting with Heather to no doubt show them another ritual or summoning.

The clearing however was empty, looking around she scanned the darkness of the tree line looking for her father. Suddenly there was movement in the bushes and a figure dashed towards them, too small to be Lar’s but too big to be Heather. It was almost upon her when she realised it was a man, all three of the girl’s screamed as he barrelled into her sending her flying to the floor.

Struggling to get it off her the pair of them wrestled on the ground, positioning himself above her she could his face, he seemed half crazed, covered in dried mud and a spattering of blood. His eye’s seeming to gaze past her but it was only when he opened his mouth to reveal fanged teeth did she realise what he was.

Hearing the girl’s distress close by she knew she had to act quickly, remembering Heather’s training echoing in her head she knew she was stronger in the other form. Gripping tightly to the man around his neck, preventing him from reaching hers with his teeth she tried to focus her mind. Struggling to focus she tried with all her might to force her body to shift, to date she had never managed it on anything but a gibbous moon and even then it had been anything but intentional.

She strained against the man but he was stronger and slowly she lost her grip, yelping out in pain when eventually his teeth met her neck. She could feel it as he sucked the life right out of her.

Then it happened, suddenly she felt herself shift, the cracking of joints as they took on a new form, accompanied by the ripping of cloth as her dress failed to accommodate her new frame.

Her sudden elation at completing the transformation, suddenly cut short when she realised how suddenly cold and weak she felt. Pushing against the man, she was still unable to get him off her body. Emitting a low growl, she pushed him again and was relieved when he broke free and rolled off her.

Struggling to sit, she saw the man stand, the crazed look in his eye gone, he seemed energized and now looked towards the girls. She however felt weak and powerless stumbling twice while merely trying to stand, she was clearly in no fit condition to fight.  

The vampire turned, it’s attention back towards her. Having noticing she’d reached her feet, and though she bore little threat it still seemed to consider her before the three little girls.  Alice teetered on the spot struggling to remain upright unaided.  Knowing only that she needed to fight it and kill it if she was to protect the girls.  

Suddenly there was a twang, a look of shock spreading momentarily across it’s face before it’s eye’s glazed over and it fell to the floor.  Alice was confused for a moment, until she saw the small hand crossbow in Eire’s hand.

“Pa’s gonna be mad again” Liv grumbled as Skye nodded in agreement.

Alice realising suddenly that it had all just been some sort of test and yet again she’d failed. Eire must have had the crossbow hidden in the fold’s of her dress the whole time, she’d been beaten by a six year old who wasn’t even old enough to harness the gift even if she had it. She was never going to make her father proud.

A sudden crash of lightning, lit up the whole of the clearing. However it didn’t come down from the heaven’s it streaked along the floor hitting Alice still in battle form directly in the back. She jolted violently and the last thing she remembered before everything went black. Was the look on the girls faces that told her this part at least was no training exercise.

2 responses to “Protecting the pup’s

  1. wow it has taken me such a long time to get caught up!

    How long do your sims live for? You’ve been playing this neighbourhood for so many years now and it seems like you’re only on generation 3, is that correct?

    Anyways, I’m glad that this site is no longer blocked at work, so I can check for updates lol. I hope everything goes well with Alice’s training.

    Also, I just want to say that I think that Thomas is becoming an idiot, after what he did to Holly and saying that he loves her but ignoring her so much that she leaves him? And now he’s getting married to Aliana who doesn’t even want to marry him? Seriously, he makes me mad sometimes.

  2. aye it’s true Thomas is becoming a stressed out puppy, and isn’t coping at all well with anything at the moment. Oh well hopefully things will get better for him.

    hmmm… gens… im actually just about on generation 4, branching from Clara. Clara’s eldest grandson, has two children who are the first of generation 4.

    The closest of my Nobles to Generation 4 i guess is Christopher and Maegan if he ever comes back and has a baby that is (Chris is Gen 2, but Maegan is Gen 3)

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