The Proposal

Thomas had faithfully visited Ailana’s side every day since she got sick, once in the morning once in the evening. Hushing the gossiping servants who had questioned his interest in the girl and by now it was almost taken as fact that when she was well he would marry her.

While the gossip’s of the castle, talked about his upcoming marriage the news of the annulment to Holly had only just filtered into the valley to the people.  The new’s had created quite a stir and while few knew the truth of the reason’s. Thomas still held the support of the men folk, most of whome could understand the need of the king to rid himself of a crippled wife.

It was morning time in the castle and Thomas had just finished breakfast and took his usual stroll though the castle to Ailana’s room, where he would sit for an hour before the daily work began.

Turning the corner, he watched as Perisa left Aliana’s room and headed up the corridor. “How is she?” he asked, as the young girl approached.

“Better” Perisa replied “Go and see for yourself”

Thomas nodded, allowing the young woman to pass before making his way to her room. A noise from inside the room caused him to pause. Listening for a minute he could hear voices within.

He didn’t need to listen for long before he recognised Abels insistant tones, listening closer there was another voice a weak female voice meaning only one thing Ailana was awake.

He debated for a moment turning and walking away, his duty to the sick girl compleate but instead something made him knock lightly on the door, waiting for a call to enter before stepping inside.

Ailana’s heart lept from her chest seeing Thomas, Abel had told her of his visits but she’d not known quite what to make of it. Looking towards him he stood uncomfortably in the doorway. 

“You look better” he smiled awkwardly, causing her to flush a deep crimson which even on her dark cheeks could be seen by all.

“My brother tells me you were concerned for me” she whispered not quite sure what to say, “Im sorry I worried you”

“No trouble” he nodded “Im just glad your recovering. Should I leave you?” he asked, in a tone which could not be mistaken, it was almost pleading hoping she would say yes so he could exit as quickly as he’d arrived.

She was just about to save him from the uncomfortablness of the situation when Abel lept to his feet “It’s fine, you take my seat I really need to get back to work” he said biding Thomas to sit down.

Biting her lip nervously she watched as Thomas moved passed her brother and take a seat.

Abel smiled at her reasuringly, she didn’t need for him to speak for her to know what what he was thinking, everyone knew this was an awkward situation one made no easier by Thomas’s avoidle of her, if she didn’t act quickly now that she was on the mend he’d see no reason to visit with her again.

Watching as her brother left, a silance fell over the room judging by Thomas’s face he had no more idea what to say than she did.

“I’m glad to see you awake” he nodded, “How are you feeling?”

“Better apart from my brothers fussing” she smiled “I don’t really know what happened”

Thomas nodded “Something you ate perhaps”

“Perhaps” Ailana’s head swam, she still felt weak and feverish she knew she needed to say something fast but her head was fuzzy and for the life of her she couldn’t thing of a single thing to say.

 “When you are well, I will marry you” he said suddenly and out of the blue.

Ailana’s lept but as quickly sank “You don’t need too” she offered “The doctor says, if i was ever with child i’ve lost it”

“I know” Thomas replied “He told me the same thing, but I want to0”

“Why?” she asked the words sliping from her mouth.

Thomas froze, taken back by the question he seemed to struggle to find an answer.

“You don’t need to tell me” she added quickly.

“It’s alright” Thomas replied “I think it’s best, don’t you?”

“Best for what?”

“The kingdom, for you?” Thomas replied “Don’t you want to be Queen?”

‘Queen’ the words echo’d in her ears.. no she didn’t, not really but it was what her brothers wanted, it was an honor it would bring respect to her family. “I would be Honoured” she replied.

“Good!” Thomas nodded “Then it’s decided, you get some rest, i’ll make the arrangements.

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