Alice Settle’s In

Alice sat on the edge of the bed the way she did every morning waiting to be let out of her room. While Lar’s had refused to let Heather send her back, but he was still cautious and distrusting of her.  Locking her securely in her room each night and watching her like a hawk during the day especially if she ventured near his other daughters.

The twin girls had accepted their new ‘sister’ quickly and seemed to relish having the older girl around to fuss over them.  Kaitlyn had returned to the cabin a few days after Alice had arrived and as of whole seemed most displeased about returning. Lar’s had put her up in Raeanne’s cabin rather than keeping her in the house and seemed equally distrusting of his wife as he was of her.

Kaitlyn was a little odd Alice decided, perhaps it was the way of noblewomen but she didn’t have much frame of reference something about her seemed slightly unhinged and Alice wasn’t at all sure she was comfortable with her.  Kaitlyn seemed to deem her some kind of ally and it seemed as though she was beginning to hatch a plan of how to escape with the girls away from the ‘monsters’ and Alice wasn’t at all sure that Kaitlyn realised she was a ‘monster’ too.

As a whole though Alice wasn’t sure she liked Heather or Kaitlyn.  Raeanne however seemed pleasant enough, she’d told her lots of story’s about Wolf her Brother and it seemed that the young woman missed him greatly.

Lar’s himself was a bit of an oddity, she still couldn’t picture him with her mother and it was hard to place the two pictures she had of him side by side, her mother rarely had anything good to say about him and here in the flesh he seemed a stoic and larger than life individual.  

He treated her with a strange sort of indifference but was pleasant enough answering all of her questions about werewolves and about the relationship he’d once had with her mother. Werewolves it seemed lived slightly longer than human’s on average which was why he still seemed so young in comparison to her mother and he insisted that no matter what her mother had told her that once upon a time he’d loved her greatly. 

However as a whole he seemed to keep her at a distance as though he was still unwilling to accept that she was indeed his flesh, mostly though she just couldn’t fathom out the huge man. However every time she came to the conclusion that perhaps her mother and Kaitlyn where right, perhaps he was just a monster incapable of emotion, she’d catch him out of the corner of his eye watching Kaitlyn with a strange pained expression on his face or she’d see him playing with his other daughter’s with undeniable affection.

The familiar grind of the metal latch told her that she was once again free, or as free as one could be when people watched every move you made.  Standing up she headed towards the door looking out into the hall way she could see Lar’s already heading down the corridor away from her without so much as a good morning. Her feet gently padding along the wooden floor after him she headed into the main living area where Raeann and Kaitlyn where already preparing breakfast.

“Morning” Raeanne smiled cheerily.

Alice nodded and smiled back, it really was a strange sort of house everyone but Raeanne knowing the truth, she wasn’t quite sure why they just didn’t tell her and save themselves the trouble of dealing with yet another situation like Kaitlyn’s and her mothers.

“Can i help?” she offered motioning towards the breakfast things.

Raeanne nodded and smiled passing her a basket of freshly baked bread rolls, which she began to set onto the table as she noticed the door open and Heather enter. The female werewolf for the most part terrified the young girl.

She was in charge of Alice’s training and could often be harsh and Alice often came home from her sessions battered and bruised. Lars said it was necessary for her to understand the pack, that Heather was teaching her things that ‘should’ have been taught to her from an early age and that the world that they lived in was brutal and that if she didn’t learn to fight all she would learn was how to die.

“Are you ready Alice?” the woman asked her tone even as always it revealed nothing about how she felt towards her.

Alice glanced towards the table, already the children were gathering in their places ready to eat. “Yes” she nodded, ignoring her rumbling belly setting the basket of bread in the centre of the table and began to head towards her.

“She hasn’t have breakfast yet” Lar’s noted.

Alice paused, Heather looked irritated but nodded “Eat then meet me outside” she instructed.

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