Lar’s Makes A Demand

Kaitlyn’s stomach lurched as she entered the lounge to see Lar’s sitting uncomfortably waiting for her. She’d been told he was here of course and she’d hurried downstairs as fast as her legs would carry her fearful he came baring new’s about one of their daughters.

However now she could see his face she instantly knew this wasn’t about the girls, if something bad had happened to either of them he would have been frantic this was about her. Instantly she recovered her composure slowing her step she walked into the room head held high.

“You wanted to see me?” she demanded.

“Aye lass, I did” Lar’s replied looking sheepish, a quality she’d once found endearing about the large man.

“So what is it?” she glared, what ever it was he had to say, she had no intention of making it easy.

“Come sit down” he offered.

“I’d rather stand” she barked.

“Alright” Lar’s replied, standing to join her “Yer see the thing is I’ve been thinkin… some things have bin going on at the cabin.. an..”

“Are the girls alright?” she interrupted.

“Yes the girls are fine” Lars replied, “It’s not bad things..  You see a young lass has come to the cabin.. an.. “

“You want a divorce?” Kaitlyn interrupted again misunderstanding.

“No… no not like that either” Lar’s replied “She’s me daughter… me wife before you she had a girl”

“I didn’t know you had a daughter?” Kaitlyn queried suddenly finding the wind taken from her sails.

“Neither did I” Lars admitted “me wife it seems wasn’t dead.. she was like you, she ran away when she found out about me and my kind”

“I can’t blame her for that” Kaitlyn replied.

“Aye maybe not” Lar’s replied “but it’s had me thinkin, I realised what I missed out on… I had a son and daughter I missed grownin”

“and a son?”

“Aye I thought he was killed when ma wife was, but all three of them where livin in a farm not so far away the whole time”

“What does this have to do with me?” Kaitlyn demanded harshly, she didn’t like the way Lar’s looked at her and she could already tell where this was leading “shouldn’t you be making up with your other wife? I mean what does that even make me???”

“Kait… yer ma wife an I still love ya” he explained.

“Well you have the girls, im not harbouring another child for you to miss out on”

“This isn’t about me missin out” he replied “ye got two little girls at home who miss ya, ye bin gone far too long don’t ye miss yer lass’s?”

“Of course I miss them, perhaps if your so concerned for them missing out on my love you should return them to me” she snapped feeling the anger rising again.  

“Kait ye know I ain’t gonna do that, but I was hoping ye’d consider coming back wit me?”

“As your wife?” she scoffed.

“As their mother” Lar’s replied “they are grownin fast they need their ma”

“Maegan needs me” Kaitlyn retorted.

“Maegan’s grown” Lar’s replied “Asides she’s got Christopher ter take care of her now”

Kaitlyn bite her tongue she couldn’t let lar’s know that Christopher was gone and had been for quite some time. “Impossible” she replied simply “I .. I still can’t trust you, your still… still a monster”

“I ain’t askin yer to be ma wife”

“It’s out of the question, I’m not going anywhere with you”

“Kait I dun’t want this to be a decision your regret, I don’t want yer to miss out on them lass’s you’d be so proud they are grownin up mighty fine”

“I am proud” she snapped “don’t you think im not. Do you think it’s easy for me to be here? Easy for me to leave them? YOU’RE the one who took them from me” she growled.

Lar’s nodded “Kait when ye left, Thomas told me I had every right to have you bought home, I didn’t cause I love ye and I didn’t want to force you… but you got girls and they need their ma.. so im insisting you come home for them”

“You can’t do that!” Kaitlyn shrieked fear suddenly sweeping over her.

“I can and I am” Lar’s insisted, “Now I’ll give yer a few days if you want git yer stuff together but I’ll come back and I’ll take you home”

“You can’t” she replied her heart pounding in her chest “no it’s out of the question, I won’t go”

“Please kait”

“No.. leave” she demanded half hysterical


“Make him leave!” she ordered the guard who had popped his head around the door when he’d heard her shriek.

“Sir will you please follow me” the man asked.

“No lad I won’t” Lar’s growled “tell ye what why don’t you git me the young lord?”

“Pardon sir?” the man asked looking nervously at Kaitlyn for guidance.

“Git Christopher… I’ll discuss wit him why I can’t have ma own wife back”

The man looked towards Kaitlyn again.

“Alright!” Kaitlyn declared, not seeing another way out “I’ll come home, there’s no need to involve Christopher”

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