Simple Regret’s

Raeanne lay as she usually did on the couch watching the flames in the fireplace dance. Wolf had been gone from her for over 6 months now and yet there still wasn’t a day that went by in which she didn’t regret the way they had lived their life together. If only she’d accepted him sooner, if only she’d been a wife to him.


The door to the cabin Lar’s had built for her and Skye creaked open and Lar’s peered though the gloom of the dimly lit room. “Pet yer there?”

“Over here” Raeanne sighed peering over the back of the couch.

Lar’s smiled wandering over he sat down in the space she made for him “Not mopin I hope” he smiled. Raeanne lent heavily into his shoulder.

“There’s nothing left to to but mope” she sighed wearily.

“Wolf wouldn’t be wantin that fer yer lass”

“I know” she replied pulling away.

“Where Skye?”

“Sleeping, Liv and Eira tired her out”


“They tired her out?” Lar’s chuckled “tother way round more like”

Raeanne smiled “Perhaps, then I guess they tired each other out”

“Aye that’s the sum of it by my reckoning”

“Do you think Wolf would have been proud of her?”

“I think he already was, an you too” Lar’s replied reassuringly.

“Do you think she’ll grow up well? Happy?”

“Aye lass you’ll do a fine job”

“Was Kait here today? I thought I heard her earlier”


“Any better”

“Nay, she’s still hatin me”


“Im worried about her” Raeanne sighed “It’s not healthy, every time I see her she spout’s on about monsters and how much danger I’m in”

“Aye lass I’m worried about her too”

“Do you think she’s gone insane?”

No nothing like that”

“But it’s pretty crazy sounding what’s she’s saying?”


“Aye lass that maybe” Lar’s agreed “I just think she’s struggling to accept all that happened, got her hopes up over Alistair when he turned out to be an imposter and I had to kill him.  Guess it’s just easier to believe I’m the monster that killed him, than it is too accept that, Alistair never came back”

“Do you think she’ll be alright?”

“Aye lass I think yer pa and brother will look after her”

“Do you miss her?”

“Aye of course, she’s ma wife and I love her… every time she comes to visit little’uns I hope she’ll decide to stay”

“Liv and Eira miss her”

“I know lass”

“She’s your wife you could make her come back, Thomas would make her if you asked”

“That maybe” Lar’s nodded “But she’ll forever hate me if I force her, told her the doors open.. she’ll come back when she’s ready”

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