Daniel Is Rewarded

Daniel rolled over as he woke pleasantly surprised to find Sophie sleeping soundly next to him for the third morning running. Ever since the night he’d found her soaking wet in his room in the middle of the night, she’d begun to sneak into his bed during the night like a child slipping into bed with their parents.

Shuffling towards her he put his arm around her waist drawing her into him, smiling as she made a contented little sigh and fidgeted to get comfortable.


He stared at her for a time, idly playing with her hair as she slept waiting for her to wake up. A quiet knock at the door alerted him, looking toward the door he watched as it opened briefly as the maid shuffled in to begin her morning routine.

“Not yet” he smiled “Come back in an hour”.  The maid nodded knowingly and backing out of the room as quickly as she’d entered.

“Morning” Sophie groaned.

“Good Morning Lady Sleepy Head” Daniel whispered, leaning forward kissing her lightly on the cheek. Sophie began to wriggle and stretch, turning in the bed to face him she smiled. “Bad dream?” he asked.

Sophie nodded.

“It makes me happy that you come to me” he whispered softly.

Sophie nodded; fidgeting again she began to sit preparing to climb from the bed.


“Don’t” Daniel urged, “Pulling her back down… Stay a little longer”

 Sophie paused, by now a familiar look coming across her face

 “No.. no.. no…Thinking” he whispered hurriedly drawing her into a kiss.

Sophie’s attention returned to Daniel for a moment or two while she enjoyed the kiss but eventually he lost her again as her lips became unresponsive.

“No” he urged “Don’t do it.. Don’t calculate the path’s don’t… just stay with me”


Pulling away she looked at him like a lost child uncertainty and fear on her face.

“Sophie I won’t hurt you” he promised.


“No but’s” Daniel cut off “Stay with me… just stay with me” he begged, cupping her head in his hand.


“What if it’s wrong?” she asked uncertainly.

Daniel paused unsure as how to answer “Sophie sometimes you just have to let your heart and body decide” he replied kissing her again.


“But..”  she pulled away.

“Do you like me?” he asked, not giving up nor letting her draw away too far.  

“Yes” she replied.

“Then trust its right” Daniel paused. His turn now to feel uncertain nervous that his next move could cause her to bolt. Kissing her he tentatively slipped one hand down to the edge of her nightgown, relieved that she wasn’t sitting on it, he gently passed his hand beneath it onto the skin of her back.


Apprehensively he watched for sign’s that she was about to panic, kissing her gently the whole time with the other hand still cupped around the back of her head, he began to creep the nightgown up.

Just as he managed to slip on of her arms out she froze again a sign that he’d lost her. “Sophie” he whispered, causing her to look at him again. “I won’t hurt you”.

Her steel gray eye’s suddenly looked doe like, big and round they stared at him unsure. He could feel her trembling beneath his touch. “There will be no baby’s from this” she murmured.

“That isn’t why we are doing it” he smiled.

She nodded allowing him to remove her nightgown; he noted how scared she looked, ‘slowly’ he told himself ‘slowly’.


Kissing her he felt her giving up her fight, allowing him to lower her back to the bed. He pulled his own nightshirt up over his head and threw it to the floor.  

He kissed her gently at first keeping to her lips so that she couldn’t fade away without him noticing. But as they built up and gradually resembled those she had given him at the Winter ball he knew he had her fully.


Only then did he brave exploring, just his lip’s at first, gently meandering across her face down her neck onto her breasts and stomach.

When she didn’t flinch or shy away, he slowly slipped one leg over hers, followed by the other. Positioning himself between her legs.  Continuing to kiss her, he gently explored with his fingertips. Waiting, till she seemed ready.

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