Sophie Concider’s The Possibilities

Daniel watched Sophie intently across the room, while she sat staring aimlessly at a wall. He’d left her with her thoughts the night before. While he couldn’t help but feel somewhat frustrated that his wife seemed to need to be told to make a choice between him and his brother. He figured that very soon either way he’d either have a wife or could move on.


“Sophie what are you thinking about?” He asked, wondering if she’d yet made a decision. The simple truth was that he was actually quite fond of her, in a strange half crazed way and he hoped that once she got over this hurdle she’d realise she liked him in return.

“Egg’s or Ham” she smiled.

Daniel chuckled, since the confirmation of her gift the night before Daniel was starting to find she somehow seemed less insane to him. Suddenly her often apparently random comments, seemed at least to have some order. “Who’s?” he asked.

“Annabelle’s Breakfast, she should have egg’s!” she smiled. “but only today, tomorrow she should have oats with honey”

“Sophie you know I’m not sure you need to sit and calculate the possibilities for everyone in the Kingdom”

“I don’t” Sophie replied “That would be absurd, I don’t know everyone in the kingdom”


Daniel chuckled again, while it was true that the knowledge of her gift had explained some of her strange behaviours. It was still true that he felt that she was not quite right in the head.

One way of another her gift had indeed taken a toll mentally on the girl, which was what made his fasination with her so absured. By all intent’s and purposed Daniel concidered him self a fairly sane and rational man, so why indeed was he so hopelessly infatuated with a woman who was by any measure quite mad.  

“Sophie don’t you think you would enjoy life more if you lived it rather than sitting there debating the possibilities? Didn’t you admit yesterday that you can’t control other people’s choices. So why think about them?”


Sophie seemed to ponder the thought for a minute “I want to see if they find the little boy hiding in the grain cellar” she replied.

“Little boy?” Daniel chuckled.

“Yes there is a little orphan boy in the cellar” she explained, “If Annabelle has Oats tomorrow there is a good chance they will find him in there sleeping”

Daniel nodded “I think a person could drive themselves insane thinking about those sort’s of things, I mean what if Annabelle doesn’t have oats?”  

Sophie looked very concerned “Then he might die” she decided. “If Annabelle doesn’t have oats tomorrow the door of the grain cellar will be locked and the little boy could be locked inside where he’d surely freeze to death” she explained unable to hide how much the notion bothered her.

“Wouldn’t it be easier just not to know?” Daniel mused “I mean if you didn’t even consider my mother’s breakfast then you wouldn’t need to worry about it”

“But i do know” She replied ” And now that I do, I can help your mother make the right choice?”

“Or…” Daniel suggested “You could just tell the Steward that’s there’s a little orphan boy running around the castle?”

“I could?!” she asked looking confused as though the idea had never occured to her. 

“Have you thought about what I said last night?” he asked nervously eager for a conclusion to his worries.

Sophie looked confused, having forgotten the entire conversation. One of the downfall’s of her gift was that she often had difficulty remembering which events had happened and which event’s where visions.  Which often led to her getting very confused, adding to her appearance of being quite mad.

“Last night you told me you where waiting to see if you where going to give Thomas an heir.. and I told you I wasn’t willing to wait around” He prompted.


Sophie nodded suddenly remembering “Yes I’ve calculated all the most likely possibilities”

Daniel nodded “Well?” he asked, though in truth he wasn’t sure he liked being a possibility to be calculated.

“It seems most likely that the kingdom will be saved if I provide you, and not Thomas with children” she replied.

“Sophie!” Daniel sighed “Do you ever do anything because it just feel’s right or because you simply want too?”

“Of course” she smiled “This morning I chose the red dress rather than the blue because in all probability it made no difference which I wore, and I prefer the red”


“But you did calculate the outcome?” Daniel asked in disbelief.

“Yes of course”

“Do you look at every decision you make?”

“No not all of them” she replied “Sometimes there simply isn’t time, like when people are speaking to me.. I can’t calculate the response to every answer it’s simply impossible in the timeframe. It would make for a very difficult conversation”


“Conversations with you are always difficult”

“I’m sorry” she apologised.

“Can you switch it off?”

“What off?”

“Your gift, can you not look, at the possibilities?”

Sophie nodded “I guess so but why?”

“Because frankly i’d rather have a wife who is here in the room with me, rather than one that calculating my next move and the consequences” he answered sadly.

“I don’t understand”

“Sophie… do you know what’s going to happen between us next here in this room?”

“Yes” she admitted.

“Exactly” Daniel replied “for example if I wanted to kiss you now”

“Which you do?” she interrupted.

“Yes” he admitted “I’d want to know that you where kissing me back because you wanted too, not because it was the most acceptable result of the many possibility’s”

“But it would be the most acceptable result” she explained not quite understanding.

Daniel sighed “Perhaps but I’d like to think that anything which happened between us was because you wanted it”

“I don’t, not want it” she replied.

“But have you ever considered what you do want?”  

“No” she replied “Not really”

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  1. Wow she is so confusing sometimes.

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