Daniel Talk’s To Sophie

“Sophie we need to talk” Daniel announced walking into her chambers where she was sitting quietly reading.

Looking up and smiling she replied “Your tall today”


“Thankyou… that’s because your sitting down”

“Oh…” she nodded.

“Sophie I need to know how you knew Ailana and Thomas where going to end up together?” Daniel asked sitting down beside her.

Sophie shrugged “It was one of the options that seemed most likely”

“No Sophie it wasn’t simply an option.. you KNEW, ive also noticed you always seem to know a lot of things you shouldn’t! like when the castle is about to get a visitor”

Sophie nodded “yes I know lots of things, you do too”

“Not like that” Daniel replied, he’d read all the report’s on the “gifted” and he wasn’t naive as much as under normal circumstances he wouldn’t have thought such a thing was possible.  He had to admit he was starting to wonder if Sophie wasn’t simply as insane as she seemed. “Sophie do you know where I’ve been today?” he asked.


“To see the priest” she replied.

“Yes exactly, do you know why?”

“Yes, you wanted to know what to do about me” she replied plainly.

“Exactly… what do you think he told me to do?” Daniel asked, sure if she knew the answer to this question it would confirm what he suspected that Sophie was indeed some sort of seer.

Sophie’s face scrunched up “he said to do a VERY BAD THING!!”  She replied confirming Daniel’s suspicions.


“Not bad Sophie… for the best” Daniel tried to explain.

“For who’s best!” she retorted.

“Sophie… “ Daniel sighed unsure as to how to proceed “Why don’t you want to be my wife in all ways?”

“Because I don’t know which way Thomas is going to go” she explained looking a little distraught.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know which path he’s going to take”

“Which paths are there?” Daniel asked.

“He needs a heir or there will be a terrible war!” Sophie explained “I could give him a noble heir”

“Sophie you’re my wife, not Thomas’s” Daniel replied irritatedly “Surely there are other noblewomen who would give Thomas heir’s… what about Ailana?”

Sophie nodded “It’s hard to control other paths” she explained tearily “I guide myself… so many branches’ so many choices… hard to make someone follow all the right ones”

Daniel felt confused “Im not sure what you mean”

“Thomas so many paths, Ailana so many … making them both cross at the right point that they provide a heir is very difficult”

Daniel nodded suddenly understanding that Sophie ment that Ailana and Thomas both shaped their own future, each choice they made took them a different way if just one of them made a single wrong choice Sophie was concerned they wouldn’t end up together. “Sophie this isn’t your responsibility to fix you can’t make people go down the right paths”


“But all the burning people” she sobbed.

“And that’s why you want to give Thomas an heir, because you can control your own path making it more likely that it will cross with his?”

“Yes that’s it” She nodded eagerly

“What about my path, don’t you want to cross with my path?”

Sophie paused “I want to cross with your path” she announced “but I need to wait, if Thomas crosses with someone else then I can cross with yours”

“You’re my wife and Im not going to let you ‘wait for Thomas’ do you understand?”


Sophie paused tilting her head slightly the way he’d watched her do many times in the past. “You made a choice” she finally announced “if I wait for Thomas … you’ll cause the war regardless of an heir” she continued as a path opened up she’d never seen before created by the fact that Daniel now knew of her gift.

“Yes” Daniel announced “Choose now Sophie… it’s either me or him”

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