Sophie Warn’s Daniel

“What burning people?” Daniel demanded lighting some extra candles to bathe the room in light

“The ones that will die”


Daniel shook his head, not quite sure why he was even bothering to ask to questions. “Sophie do you honestly believe people are going to die if you give yourself to me?”

Sophie looked solemnly down at her feet without answering.

“I don’t know what to do with you?” he sighed “Perhaps I should send you to the monastery maybe god can help you”

“No!” she yelped, as though the notion stung her “That won’t help at all”

Daniel stared at her, unable to hide his turmoil “Sophie I wish I knew what went though that pretty little head of yours”

“I want to save the people” she whispered “all the burning people”

“No-one is burning” Daniel sighed.


“But they will” she answered “If Thomas doesn’t produce an heir”

“You can’t possibly know that Sophie” he replied,

“But I do” she whispered tear’s gently trickling onto her cheeks.


“it’s in the clouds” she replied.

“You’re not making sense” Daniel sighed “why do I even bother listening? You never make sense”


“Do I not make sense? Or perhaps you just don’t listen” she answered bluntly.  

Daniel shook his head sadly “You really aren’t quite right are you”


“You should go and save your brother” she replied, wandering off towards the window.

“Save him from what” Daniel chuckled “is the ale barrel going to swallow him up?”

“Brandy and my sister actually” she replied.

“Now you think your sister’s going to hurt the king?”

“Not hurt him!” Sophie replied “bed him”


“I thought you wanted him to produce an heir” Daniel chuckled not really taking her seriously.

“An HEIR” she scowled “Not some bastard child and a heart full of regret”  

Daniel wandered over to the bed slumping down onto it “I don’t feel like saving my brother from your imagination” he grumbled “I’m having a nap”

One response to “Sophie Warn’s Daniel

  1. Nooo Daniel get up and save your brother’s marriage! Er, kingdom I mean. Yeah. Kingdom. ;-)

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