Daniel Can’t Believe His Luck.

Daniel chased her across the room and out into the hallway where other guest’s where stood milling about “Sophie” he called catching her arm.

Giggling Sophie span around throwing her self against the wall she grabbed him roughly by the neck she pulled him into her, until his lips met hers.


A short flurry of kisses meandered from his lips, neck and back to his lips again where they settled, contentedly exploring his.

One hand wrapped around his shoulders then other on his waist, grasping his belt she pulled him closer, till the only thing that stood between them was the layers of fabric that made up their clothing. Feeling every movement she made, every twitch of her hips against his groin.

His hands slowly drifting down to her waist breaking away he whispered breathlessly “This is not the place” aware that they where starting to draw a crowd.


“Then take me to bed” she urged, peering over his shoulder towards the other guests.

“Come” he replied grinned taking her hand, making a point of not looking up in fear of meeting someone’s eye.

Suddenly Sophie broke away, running towards the stairs “Come Daniel” she giggled putting one foot after another up the stone stairway. Reaching the top of the stairs she barrelled into the bed chamber.


Daniel chased quickly behind, slamming the door shut he grabbed her by the waist pulling her to him again he nuzzled her neck his hands on her hips he let his hands follow caressing the ridge of her hips.


“Stop” she whispered pulling herself away. Daniel ignored her, pulling her back more firmly. “Stop” she begged again more insistently.

Daniel paused he didn’t let go of her but he waited allowing her to speak.

“I think we fooled them” she whispered.


“Fooled who?”

“The noblemen” she replied “the ones thinking you couldn’t control your wife”

Realisation hit him like a brick “It was an act?” he asked almost choking on the words.

“Yes of course” Sophie replied, spinning to face him as he released his grip, “You told me to pretend?”


“Pretend!” Daniel repeated, as he replayed the scenario in his mind. “Sophie how could you do this?”

“You told me too?” Sophie replied innocently trying to explain. “I know you where mad that the other noblemen thought I hadn’t given into you on our wedding night.

 Daniel took a step backwards “Sophie what did you do?”

“It’s for the best” she tried to explain.

 “Sophie you can’t do things like this to a man”


Sophie nodded, she knew from her vision that he was going to be disappointed, but the vision had not prepared her for the way he stood there looking at her, part frustrated part angry but most of all he seemed really hurt. Knowing someone would be hurt and witnessing it first hand was entirely different.

“Im sorry” she whispered drawing closer she gingerly put her hand out towards him.

“Don’t” he replied pushing her away “am I just a joke to you?”

“I don’t think you’re funny” Sophie replied. “We have to save everyone”


“save everyone? what are you talking about”

“Everyone” she whispered “we need to help Thomas”

“Sophie what has this got to do with what just happened?” Daniel demanded.

“we need to save the burning people” she mumbled.

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