She’s Insane

In all the years Daniel and Sophie had spent at university together, it had never occurred to Daniel that Sophie may simply be insane. Eccentric almost certainly, quiet and withdraw definitely and even a bit of a loner but he’d never thought her insane.  

However during the last few weeks he’d watched her behaviour decline at quite an alarming rate as she got more and more worked up as their wedding drew closer. He’d mentioned it to Thomas when he arrived home and Thomas simply put it down to wedding day jitters, besides things where arranged contracts where signed and Daniel no longer had much of a choice but to marry the girl.

“Get into bed Sophie” Daniel suggested, watching his new wife pace the bed chamber back and forth on their wedding night. Wondering exactly what he’d got himself into.

Although she’d gone though the ceremony without issue, Jaedyn subtly let him know that getting her into her nightgown and then into her new chambers had not been such an easy task.

Sophie was convinced that something bad was going to happen and while Gabriel and Jaedyn had assured Thomas it was just pre-wedding night nerves here she was pacing having leapt from the bed no sooner had Daniel got in.


“Sophie it’s time to sleep” Daniel sighed, for as much as Sophie was beautiful right now he wished his father had not chosen such a ‘special’ young woman for his wife. “Sophie please?” he begged.

“No!! – no – no – it’s not sleeping on your mind” she retorted continuing to pace.


Daniel sighed again, climbing off the bed he headed towards her catching hold of her elbow he span her towards him “Sophie come to bed” he demanded a little more forcefully.

“No- Don’t do this!” Sophie insisted pulling out of his grasp and dashing round the bottom of the bed.


“Do what?” he asked “what exactly do you think I’m going to do”

“A bad thing” she insisted peering at him though the the curtain’s of the four poster.

“Do you think I’m a bad man?” Daniel asked trying to make his way towards her again.

Sophie stopped dead having never contemplated this question, “Not bad no” she decided “but you’ll do it anyway”

“Do what?”

“Take me.. by force if you need to”

Daniel looked confused, the thought of taking any woman by force least of all Sophie had never crossed his mind. “Where do you get these thoughts from?” he asked.

“I see the truth” she muttered realising her was close again, she leapt onto the bed and scrambled across landing with a bang on the other side.

“Sophie you’re my wife, now I insist you get into the bed”



“You’ll try and touch me!” she sneered sounding disgusted.


“Sophie you’re my wife” he explained “That’s what were supposed to do”

“It’s not right” she wailed, “not right at all”

“Why is it not right?”

“I’m supposed to give the King children not you!” she insisted “a girl then a boy”

“Sophie where do you get this idea from?”

“I saw it!… a girl then a boy… to the king only the king!!”

“I had enough!” Daniel snapped, grabbing her roughly by the wrist, he dragged her towards the bed. He had no intention of forcing her into anything more than making her get into the bed but her antic’s where getting quite tiresome.


“Get off me!!” she screamed loud enough that Daniel was sure then entire castle must have heard.

“Sophie” he growled, feeling humiliated “Quiet what will people think?” it was bad enough she refused to even lie besides him but now a party full of people downstairs would think he wasn’t even man enough to control his new wife.    

Downstair’s was filled with men and women of noble class his peer’s men he was going to have to do business with. Now they’d think him weak, pathetic.. unable to control one small woman, he’d never be accepted as one of them and it was all HER fault.

“Your going to do a bad thing” she wailed again pulling free again and bolting towards the far corner of the room.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door “Sir is everything alright?” he heard a guardsman ask.

“See.. see what you’ve done” Daniel growled angrily though clenched teeth.  “Everything’s fine” he called back “you can leave us”

“Yes sir” the voice replied.

Daniel listened as the guardsman walked away before approching her again “Sophie please just get into the bed, please I beg you… I swear I won’t hurt you.. I swear I won’t even touch you if you don’t want”

“Your a liar” she screamed, there was a slap and it suddenly went quiet and Daniel realised he’d hit her, He’d not meant to it just sort of happened.

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