Like a Da

Deonte nervously hung about the front door his hand hovering above the door handle “bother” he cursed “this is your home, now stop acting like a woman and go inside” Taking a deep breath he pushed the door open into the main living area where he could see the twin’s playing happily on the rug.


“Da” Clarke squealed clambering to he’s feet the youngster ran and embraced Deonte around the legs.

“Hey” Deonte laughed scooping up the boy into a big hug.


  “Da” Dawson demanded, waving his hands in the air. “Da .. me … Da”

Deonte chuckled setting Clarke down he turned and gave the same hug to Dawson.

“Welcome home” Brittany smiled, entering the room from the kitchen dishcloth in her hand her lent nervously against the doorframe.


“Da?” Deonte smiled “whose idea was that?”

 “I hope you don’t mind” she replied nervously  

“It’s fine” Deonte smiled

“I can tell them to stop” she explained “I just think they’ve been spending too much time with the carpenter boy’s”

Deonte settled himself down in a chair “Scallywag’s get here” he called watching as Clarke and Dawson ran to his side “So you callin me Da now hu? He asked.


The twin’s nodded their heads, “yer like a Da, arn’t ya?” Clarke asked innocently.

“His speech is getting better” Deonte smiled at Brittany.

“Them Carpenter boy’s never shut up that’s why” she laughed “it’s got to fer him to get a word in”  

“Are you going to mind me, like boy’s should mind their father?” he asked sternly looking at the boys. Clark nodded eagerly but Dawson screwed up his nose as though he was thinking really hard. “Well?” Deonte chuckled.


“Alrite” Dawson decided “long as you, tell stories”

“Deal” Deonte grinned pulling both boy’s into a hug.

Suddenly Dawson struggled free “Da.. Da… why’s Ma crying?” he asked.

Deonte stopped, looking towards Brittany who still stood in the doorway “I think ya ma’s jealous, we ain’t given her a hug too” he replied, suddenly seeing a strangely vulnerable side to the brash young woman. “Come here ‘ma’” Deonte demanded, with a wave ushering her forward.

Brittany wiped away the tear’s on the sleeve of her dress and walked forward. Squealing slightly as Deonte made a grab for her and pulled her down onto his lap the twin’s piling on top, in a mess of body’s.

“Let me up” Brittany giggled “Tea’s almost ready”

The boy’s clambered down, but Deonte held her fast and give her a strange look.

“You do want tea?” she asked.

“hmm” Deonte replied, taking her by surprise he pulled her towards him and kissed her.


“Da Don’t Eat Ma!!” Clarke squealed, suddenly pulling at Deonte’s arm. The couple separated and chuckled looking at the little boy who seemed quite upset.

“Doesn’t your ma ever give you kiss’s” Deonte smiled.

“Not like that” Clarke replied indignantly, losing his balance the toddler landed on his bum.

The couple laughed, and Brittany smiled looking back “I do believe Deonte, that is the first time you’ve kissed me without it being forced”

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