Daniel Get’s Frustrated

Sophie Hamdun was as far Daniel was concerned the most perfect creature to have ever walked the earth. Which was lucky really since she had also been his betrothed for the last 4 years and where due to get married as soon as they arrived back on the shores of Grimstead.  


There had originally been a plan for him to marry Anya Vaux but situations had changed and Henry had promised Gabriel, Sophie a husband. The plan had been of course for Sophie to replace Holly after her accident, but Thomas had refused so Daniel was next best choice.

Most of his friends didn’t understand his infatuation as Sophie was considered by most a little odd. True enough Sophie’s head was in the clouds and she often rambled about things which made no sense to anyone but her which made her frustrating company but it didn’t stop Daniel lusting after her.

But Daniel thought she was beautiful, she skin was perfect like etched obsidian matched with her steel gray eye’s he found her entrancing. Which as what made the young woman so frustrating as she mostly ignored him but was convinced she was almost certainly aware of his lust for her.

As a rule women weren’t sent to university once they where betrothed further education was seen as a waste, yet Gabriel Hamdun had sent her anyway. Some said it was because she disturbed him with her muttering about the Hamdun heir while Daniel preferred to think of it as simply being a sign of the Hamdun’s wealth and ability to send even their girls to university.

“Sophie” Daniel called chasing her, she swayed slightly as she walked… he loved to watch her walk, she was everything a woman should be all curves in the right places. “Sophie” he called again catching up with her.

She turned to face him with a smile “your face is red” she smiled.


“I’ve been chasing you all the way from the house” he panted breathlessly “you’re faster than you look”

“So is a turtle” she replied simply.

Daniel looked quizzically “yes quite” he replied “I was wondering would you like to come to my room later?”


“Erm.. I just thought we could get to know each other.. only three weeks till the end of term then go home”

“Three weeks is twenty-one days” Sophie smiled.

“Yes it is” Daniel chuckled “So would you like to come?”

“Go where?”

“To my room?”


“No tonight?” Daniel replied exasperated.


“To get you know each other?”



“In my room?”


“Never mind” Daniel replied sulking off frustrated, for a girl who was at the top of her class in all subject she certainly played the role of a fool well, he growled angrily to himself.

Later that evening Daniel caught up with her again in the house “Sophie would you like to come to my room” he asked.





“Oh no Im not getting into this one again” he grinned “Come on” grabbing her wrist he dragging her trotting behind him and up to his room, shutting the door solidly behind them as they entered.


Sophie stood un-phased in the centre of the room, looking most curiously at the wall’s. “Thomas made love in this room” she muttered.

Daniel’s eye’s widened, “really? How do you know?”

“I can smell it” she replied.

“Would you like to make love in this room?” he asked hopefully, wondering if he’d caught her at a good time.

“I want to make cakes” she replied.

“Sophie, would you like to kiss me?” he asked.

“Will you turn into a frog?” Sophie asked innocently.

“Why would I turn into a frog?” Daniel replied, getting fed up of this conversation already.

“Frogs turn into princes” she replied “I thought princes might turn into frogs?”

“No I won’t” Daniel replied sharply taking the opportunity to move closer.

“That’s a shame, I like frogs”


“Do you like me?”

“Well enough”

“Can I kiss you?”

Sophie shrugged her mind as always seeming to be else where, Daniel moved forward pleasantly surprised when she didn’t flinch as he wrapped his arm around her waist drawing her closer to him. He could smell her now she smelt of lavenders and rosewater.

“Henry wanted me to marry Thomas” she said suddenly stopping Daniel in his tracks.

“Yes I know” Daniel snapped “but you’re going to marry me”

“I would have given Thomas a daughter first, but then a son” she muttered seeming to pay Daniel no attention at all.

“Well you won’t be giving him anything now!” Daniel growled.

“Won’t I?” she asked suddenly looking towards him, his arm still on her waist “that’s a shame they would have been beautiful baby’s”

“What about me” Daniel replied “why don’t you give me baby’s?”

“Oh no” Sophie muttered “Only the king”

“What if Thomas wasn’t the king?” Daniel asked exasperated.

Sophie tilted her head as though thinking “quite right” she replied “I’ll give the king a girl then a boy”

“Well Thomas is the king and Thomas is married, so you can give him anything” Daniel replied.

“Maybe it’s the next king”

“Next king?! Duncan I think you’re a bit old for him?!” Daniel scoffed, eager to end what was quickly turning into a irritating conversation, about things that made no sense to anyone but Sophie.

Sophie still didn’t seem phased so wrapping his other arm around her he drew her in for a kiss, his lips where barely inch’s away when suddenly he found himself being pushed quite firmly in the chest away from her.


“Sophie” he growled “Come on play fair”

“Not until you deserve it” she replied.

“Deserve it” Daniel muttered, it wasn’t the first time she’d used that line “Not till you deserve it” he mimicked “that’s all you ever say… Why don’t you make sense for god sake woman”

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