The Big Night

Maegan took a long hard breath. It was over, at least part of it was over.


If the truth be told, she remembered almost nothing of the entire ceremony.  About the only thing she did remember was Christopher getting scolded by the minster, half way though. He’d leant over and whispered in her ear telling her to breath.

She remembered him taking hold of her hand when she felt as though she where about to faint. He’d held it so tightly, not so tightly as though to crush it.. but just to let her know that he was there.

After the ceremony everything had been a blur, there had been a carriage ride all the way to the hallows… Christopher had said something to her on the journey. She was sure it had seemed important, though now she couldn’t remember what it was, something cryptic about what ever happened this evening she was to trust him.

There had been a feast though Maegan only remembered the wine…. Now she just felt sick!  Maegan , her mother, Raeann and Anya had all retired early.  She’d been bathed, brushed, scented and finally dressed in a long white embroidered, robe only fit for one purpose, to get her from here to his bed. Now she was ready, or ready as she was going to be.

“Breath!” Anya giggled “Your turning colours!”

“Sorry” Meagan mumbled.. “Did I do that in the ceremony as well?”

“Yes!” Anya giggled “I thought you where going to explode”



“BANG!!” Anya squealed clapping frantically “Wouldn’t that have been a sight, wedding to remember bride coated wall’s from ceiling to floor”

“Hush!” Raeanne scolded “Can’t you see , Maegan’s nervous enough. The last thing she needs is you winding her up”

“Are you feeling alright?” Kaitlyn asked “Do you want anything before you go?”

Maegan shook her head “No let’s just get this over with”


Kaitlyn smiled reassuringly Taking Maegan’s hand she guided her thought the corridors to Christopher’s Chambers.

As expected the chambers where empty. “Try and accommodate him” Kaitlyn said suddenly, “I mean when it all starts… don’t fight it, tilt you hips towards him”

“Towards him?” Maegan asked.

“Ye when it start, when he’s first trying.. well you know to enter you, don’t make it hard, it will hurt more… tilt your hips towards him, and for god sake breath”

Maegan nodded nervously wondering who was the more nervous her or her mother. Watching as her mother fumbled with the buttons on her robes, struggling to get them undone. Eventually the delicate robe slipped off her shoulders and she stood naked. 


“In you get” her mother urged indicating the bed.

“Do I look alright?” Maegan asked nervously, suddenly conscious of her naked form. She’d never given the shape of her body much heed, but she suddenly wondered if Christopher would find it  attractive.

“Those shoes don’t match that dress!” Anya squealed, dancing about the room but was quickly silenced by a clout round the ear from Raeanne.  

“You look Beautiful” her mother assured her “Hurry up I can hear the men folk, last thing you want is a full audience”.

Maegan nodded, hurriedly climbing into the bed, the bed sheets where brand new and smelled of lavender “Seems a shame to dirty them” she smiled nervously.  


Pulling the blankets she wrapped them tightly around herself. She pulled them up, as high as they might go without causing herself to disappear completely.

“You might want to relax you grip” Kaitlyn  chuckled nervously”Chris need’s to be able to get in”. Maegan nodded, without saying a word forcing herself to release the sheets she watched as her mother hurried around the end of the bed re-tucking in the loose ends.

Listening terrified as the sounds of laughter got closer and closer and eventually Christopher, his father and King Thomas came into view. 

Like Maegan Christopher wore a full length robe, entering the room he bowed slightly. Christopher usually had an overwhelming confidence, but that seemed to drop the moment he entered the room and saw Maegan lying in the bed waiting for him.


“Lady’s” he smiled, heading over to the bed. There was an awkward pause, then Christopher spoke again “Surely you can leave now?”

“Get into bed with your wife first” Orrick beamed having not stopped smiling since the minister pronounced them man and wife.

“Are you still insisting in parading everyone back here in the morning?” Christopher asked seeming quite nervous.


“Really?” Christopher sighed, sounding resigned “I mean I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere here, but in here, she’s here.. where naked, where married? And still insisting on coming and inspecting the sheets?”

“Yes” Orrick nodded.

“Haven’t I done every thing to show you, that I’ve accepted this?”

“What you mean those little peck’s on the cheeks and cuddles you’ve been ‘performing’ for weeks?” Orrick grinned, obviously pleased with himself.snapshot_f7c75def_57c76b65

“They weren’t performances” Christopher scowled.

“Good now hop into bed why don’t you” Orrick smiled.

“Can you at least leave first?” Christopher grumbled.

“it’s tradition” Orrick smiled “Besides it’s nothing we haven’t seen before”

“My sister’s haven’t!” Christopher exclaimed.

Orrick chuckled, looking over towards the girls.

Raeanne rolled her eye’s and put her hand over Anya’s eye’s, who frantically struggled beneath it trying to get a glimpse “I have seen it before” she replied matter of factly “Now stop being a baby and get on with it”

“When I was a toddler doesn’t count” Christopher retorted “Besides I don’t remember being there to inspect you, when you bedded Wolf” he snapped, instantly regretting the words. Raeanne had only just managed to stop crying for the ceremony having only heard of Wolfs death just two weeks before.

“Sorry” he mumbled, quickly pulling off his nightshirt.

Just in time for Anya to pull Raeanne’s hand away from her eye’s “EEEEeeeee ive seen bigger!” she squealed, getting a lifted eyebrow from everyone in the room.

“I hope not” Orrick snapped, rather embarrassedly.


Christopher sighed, climbing into the bed “Well now can we have some privacy?” he demanded. Slapping his hands down on the mattress.

Orrick nodded Indicating for everyone to leave “Bright and Early” he nodded leaving the couple alone.

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