Wailing Banshee

“Up or Down!” Maegan wailed fidgeting on the chair at her vanity mirror “I can’t remember, did we say I was having my hair up or down”


“Down” Kaitlyn assured her “Down before, then after the ceremony we tie it up, remember?”

Maegan nodded “Yes.. yes that’s right” she replied pushing her mother away and turning to stand.


“Will you please calm down” Kaitlyn smiled trying to run the bush though Maegan’s hair. Watching her daughter was like watching a wailing banshee this was the twelfth fit Maegan had had since they’d started getting ready.

“This can’t be normal” Maegan insisted, dodging the hairbrush “I’m I supposed to feel this way?” 

“Yes you are” Kaitlyn smiled putting her arm around her young daughter “It’s perfectly normal to be nervous”


“This go’s alittle beyond nerves” Maegan insisted “perhaps im sick, perhaps we should just call the whole thing off”

“Don’t be silly”

“It’s not silly, something is wrong… I can’t breath”

“Always so dramatic” Kaitlyn smiled “besides you can’t call it nerves till you vomit”


“I have… TWICE” Maegan retorted.

“Alright perhaps your a little nervous then” Kaitlyn chuckled.

“STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!” Maegan screamed loud enough the servants in the deepest levels of the manor surely heard.


“I’m not laughing at you” Kaitlyn replied “I’m nervous too my little girl is all grown up and im scared to let her go. Now will you sit still so I can finish your hair”

“My hair’s finished” Maegan replied sharply, yanking the hair bush from her mothers hand and launching it across the room “just stop fussing, it’s making me insane”


“Your already insane” Kaitlyn smiled “it’s genetic im afraid you get it from your father”

“What if I forget my lines, what if I drop my dinner all down my dress… what… if Christopher leans forward to kiss me and I head butt him.. what… if”


“shhhh… calm down” Kaitlyn urged “what ever happens it WILL be fine..”

“ I’m ready” Maegan decided suddenly “I swear if I don’t go right this second I’m not going at all”

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