Guardian Spirit

Lar’s caught up with the others just as they reached the caern, he’d heard Siren and Hector following closely behind. Watching as Heather Lay Thomas against the pile of rock’s.

“I thought they weren’t for sitting on” he grimaced trying to lighten the mood, though the pain of his many wounds.


“Kings Blood might do it good” Heather chuckled.

“How is he?” Lar’s asked.

“He’ll Live” Heather nodded “You knocked him out hard”

“Me?!” Lar’s asked ashamedly.

“To be fair you had it in for the wall Siren misted though, I guess he got caught in the way”

“At least I didn’t kill him” Lar’s sighed.

Heather nodded, her attention suddenly drawn to the edge of the clearing.  “They are here” she growled.


“What about ‘it’?” Lar’s replied grimily.

“He’s here” she replied.. Motioning over to some movement caught in the tree’s.

“Ye sure it’s strong enough?” Lar’s asked.

Heather glared back at him “Have you never seen him?” she asked, Lar’s shook his head “Shame on you for doubting, he’s strong enough… trust the ‘pile of rocks’” she chuckled “the spirit will protect us”.

A sudden silence fell over the clearing, unearthly mist billowed giving a strange and eerie feeling. All who stood there suddenly felt themselves awash with power.

Lar’s watched as Hector and Siren slowed upon entering the clear, they looked around nervously sensing the power of the place.


Suddenly a rumble in the bush’s where the movement had been grabbed everyone’s attention, the rumble got louder and louder as whatever caused it got closer and just before it broke though the tree line all heard an almighty roar, as suddenly a huge black bear came thundered into the clearing.


Even Lar’s let out an involuntary gasp when he saw the beast, it was at least four times bigger than your average bear and when in reared up on to his massive hind legs and pounded it’s front paw’s against it’s chest. Instantly he regretted doubting the guardian sprit of the caern.


As the bear finished it’s warning roar’s and it broke out into a charge, that caused the earth around the caern to shake with every step.

Siren and Hector froze for a moment, realising the terrible mistake they had made. ‘Never attack the Wolves in their caern’ Siren’s sire had once said. Now Siren knew why.  

The first blow sent Hector flying, his chest shredded he landing a short distance away.

Siren tried to dodge the creatures gapping maw and she was fast but it was faster clamping down hard on flesh and bone she screamed in pain as the beast flung her like a rag doll up into the air her arm s ripping off cleanly at the shoulder.

Siren landed looking down at where her arm used to be “Hector retreat” she ordered. Picking herself up she didn’t wait to see if he followed.

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