“Kaitlyn Move” Heather screamed again, but Kaitlyn didn’t move she just sat frozen transfixed on the remains’ of Alistair.

Panic ridden Heather scrambled down towards the young woman, Thomas draped over her shoulder having been caught in the crossfire between Lar’s and Siren. Reaching where Lar’s lay he seemed to coming too. “Lar’s we need to go” Heather urged grabbing him under the arm she helped him shakily stand.

“Ma son” he muttered helplessly looking back towards the destroyed cabin.

“There’s nothing we can do for him” Heather urged “it’s time to go”

“Siren, Hector where are they?” Lar’s replied starting to come to his senses.

“They ran off, when you raged… fear took them I guess” Heather guessed “They won’t be gone for long as soon as they realise your down”

“Aye” Lar’s growled standing proudly, blood trickled down his forehead from a blow he’d taken earlier his body battered and bruised he stood defiantly “Then let them come”

“Lar’s don’t be foolish” Heather scolded “You can’t take them both, you’re tired, they’d tear you apart”  

“Ma son” Lar’s protested “They killed him”

“Vengeance is for another day Lar’s” Heather warned “Thomas, Kaitlyn we need to get them to safety”

Lar’s nodded resigned to that at least he looked down to where Kaitlyn sat “Kait come on we need to move”

Kaitlyn shook her head, he dress was covered in mud. Her hair damp with Alistair’s blood she looked as though she’d been though a battle herself. Panic ridden she just stared aimlessly at the carnage.

“Kait come on” Lar’s urged holding out his hand, she ignored it. Lar’s bend down towards her, his leg’s shaky and threatening to buckle beneath him it took all his energy to stand “Kaitlyn they will be back soon, we need to go”

“No” she murmured softly.

“Kait don’t be silly lass, we need to go” he said trying to take her hand.

“Get off me!” she screamed frantically, slapping him away “I don’t want you anywhere near me” Pushing herself backwards along the grass away from him “What are you?!”

“Kait I haven’t got time to be explaining, come I’ll tell you everything”

“No!” she sobbed “Go away let me alone”

“Lar’s we need to move” Heather urged sternly, noticing Hector reappearing at the tree line.

“I ain’t going without ma wife” Lar’s growled, turning back to Kaitlyn who had frantically scrambled to her feet “Come on Kait please”

“Get off me” she screamed, as he put his arm out to reach for her.

“Kaitlyn come with us” Siren suddenly, called appearing not too far away. Kaitlyn froze terrified, stuck between Siren and Lar’s both seemed terrifying and confusing.

“Kait come wit me” Lar’s growled, noticing that Heather had already began running up the hill towards the Cairn, Thomas still draped over her shoulder “Kait I love ye, please come wit me”

“No” she replied, she shook frantically taking a step towards Siren “You killed him… I don’t even know what you are, I’m not going anywhere with you”

“LARS!!!” Heather screamed “COME!!”

Lar’s growled frustrated, reaching out he tried to grab Kaitlyn’s wrist, but no sooner as he did, he found her gone,  Siren stepping up to meet her.  

“We win” Siren purred, still holding Kaitlyn firm “Come dear let’s get you somewhere safe”

“No” Lar’s growled lunging forward, but no sooner than he did he found Siren’s fist in his face sending him flying backwards.

“Keep coming” Siren warned, “I’m quite willing to kill you here as well tonight”

Lar’s nodded, Siren was weak tired she needed to feed he could see it in her face, but he was weaker still, no klave, no strength left to change he couldn’t kill her no matter how much he wanted too, resigned he picked himself up and ran as quickly as his leg’s would allow chasing Heather to the Caern.

Siren smiled, at Kaitlyn who just stood breathing heavily “Long night?”Kaitlyn nodded blankly “Let’s get you home “Siren scanned the tree line spotting Vincent who had returned with the wagon having noticed Kaitlyn’s escape “Vincent” she ordered “Take Kaitlyn home”

She watched for a moment as Vincent guided Kaitlyn away “Hector” she barked, at the hulking beast who stepped forward and nodded obediently upon hearing his name “Let’s us finish it”.

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