Death Toll

Kaitlyn woke finding herself bouncing along in the back of a wagon, disorientated she shook her head as though to order her thoughts.

Driving the wagon was a dark haired man she didn’t recognise, his long flowing hair bellowing like smoke about his shoulders, his clothes where find deep red rich velvet but she didn’t recognise him at all, “Was he one of the Kings men?”

Looking out into the night, she recognised the tree’s that lined the pathway down to Grimstead, suddenly she remembered what had happened back at the cabin. The woman, the creature… Lar’s, Thomas … while she was glad to be away from the place, she wasn’t at all comforted by her new predicament, surely if this was one of the kings men wouldn’t Thomas would be here with her.

She was relieved to find she wasn’t bound in anyway. Crawling to the edge of the wagon she pulled herself out and over the edge. Landing heavily on the ground, she picked herself up and began to run back towards the cabin.

It took her several minutes to reach the cabin and she was quite breathless when she the clearing, looking out she stared in horror at the mass of dead bodies, body’s of the king’s men that littered the area.

Inside she could hear fighting and suddenly questioned her wisdom at returning, suddenly bursting out of the tree line she saw a wild haired blond woman sprinting towards the cabin chased by multiple men dressed in commoner’s clothes.

She froze suddenly unsure as how to act, but before she had time to react the cabin door suddenly burst open, she couldn’t see who left but there was a sudden buzz of movement followed by a large crash as the front of the cabin seemed to literally explode revealing…. revealing a huge creature. At first she’d thought it to be the creature she’d seen entering the cabin earlier, but this was even less human than that.

Frozen in fear she watched, as the creature crashed though the remaining wood, landing in the clearing it howled scanning the area. She noticed then that in the creatures huge grip, something, or someone hanging like a rag doll. Straining she suddenly recognised the creatures toy to be Alistair.

Her heart leapt into her mouth watching as the blond woman diverted her course heading instead towards the beast. “She can’t possibly think she can kill it” Kaitlyn gasped, watching helplessly as the beast threw Alistair carelessly to the floor, focusing its attention on some unseen foe it began a rampage around the clearing.

“Alistair” She gasped, launching herself forward as soon as she saw the beast heading towards the tree line, throwing herself to the floor next to him she was relieved, to find him moving “Kait” he grimaced trying to sit up “im sorry, so sorry”

Kaitlyn nodded, but before she had time to answer she was distracted, “Lar’s” a woman’s voice called “Lar’s Stop” it called again.

Spinning around Kaitlyn turned to the sound seeing the blond woman not trying to kill the beast but instead trying to …. to reason with it?!

Confused Kaitlyn looked at Alistairs “Why does she call it Lar’s?” she demanded.

Alistair nodded “It is Lar’s” he grimaced, trying to cover the wounds Lar’s had given him, wounds that would surely give him away as not human.

“I don’t believe it” Kaitlyn gasped, looking back at the beast who had ignored the woman’s call’s to halt and was rampaging around the clearing killing anything in it’s path “how?” she demanded.

“Im sorry Kait” there is so much to say… Lar’s isn’t human” Alistair explained watching as Heather ran back inside the cabin “He never was, that’s why we needed to get you away from him”

“Impossible” she gasped.

“Please Kait come with me, away from here, i’ll keep you safe I sware it” Alistair urged trying to guide her away

“No!” Kaitlyn sobbed,  shaking him off her she ran towards the rampaging creature she watched as it torn apart anything that got into its way “Lar’s” she screamed “Lar’s”. The creature did not stop but did seem to hear her call, pausing momentarily before turning to face her.   

“Kaitlyn” she heard the blond woman scream, turning she saw her standing up on what remained of the shattered porch holding a badly injured Thomas in her arms “Kaitlyn get out of the way” she screamed. Kaitlyn turned to see the beast now headed directly for where she and Alistair stood.

“I don’t believe it” Kaitlyn mumbled unable to comprehend the situation, frozen by shock and fear “Lar’s is that you?!”

Lar’s ignored her, unable to think clearly in his enraged state he thundered towards her. She screamed and tried to run when she realised he had no intention of stopping, but was unable to get out of the way fast enough.

She felt it’s hot breath on her neck and then suddenly found herself falling, as a blow from Alistair hit her in the side sending her flying out of the way.

Recovering herself as quickly as she was able, she was just in time to see the creature roar, Alistair held in it’s huge claw’s, she watched helpless as the beast torn him to pieces.

It suddenly went deathly quiet Lar’s paused, looking down for a moment his rage spent he saw Kaitlyn lying on the floor, her dress muddy and covered in blood from where Alistair had been shredded. Roaring one last time, he shifted back into the form of the man Kaitlyn recognised, before collapsing exhusted at her feet.

One response to “Death Toll

  1. Uh oh. I hope Kaitlyn understands and forgives Lars for killing Alistair.

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