They Don’t Explode

Maegan sobbed into the crook of her arm, eye’s squeeze shut in the hope that doing so would somehow make it all less real. She could still feel Christopher’s skin next to her’s his calloused hand on her inner thigh.

“Are you scared?” he asked, she didn’t reply sobbing inconsolably she just wanted it over quickly.

His hand rose further upwards, painstakingly slowly as if to torture her.  His body at to extremes, with one arm he strongly and firmly pinned her his holding her tightly, his legs forcing her’s open held her fast. Yet the hand that rose was gentle in his actions and his voice soft “Are you scared” he asked again, his hand as high as it could possibly go without venturing into private territory,

Maegan broth hard trying to stifle her tears she managed a weak nod as her only response.

“Good” Christopher replied, loosening his grip slightly and lowering himself so he could whisper in her ear. “Men are driven by many things Maegan, some want power, other money but most men.. most men what this, the simple touch of a woman”  He paused as though letting her absorb his words before continuing “Uncontrollable, the man’s weakness some would say and rest assured when I tell you, men will lie cheat and kill to get it”

“Please please don’t” Maegan wailed.

“Shh!” Christopher urged “Men will tell you all sort’s of lies, they will tempt you and lure you, tell you anything you want to hear even professing love in order to have you relinquish what is most sacred, woman’s power over man. Why do I know this? Because Maegan I have used them all.. I even invented a few.”

“But some men, Maegan do not stop at No… Some men will not take that for an answer and they will Take it!” he growled making his point by pushing her face back down into the bed causing her to squeal in pain. “We are bigger and stronger and if you are not wise this is the position you will find yourself in”

“I do not take you for a foolish girl Meagan, nor do I believe you truly understood that which you did… curiosity, adolescent intrigue .. led on by my sister yet this is the position you could have found yourself in.. Would you want this with him?” Maegan didn’t reply so Christopher yanked her head upwards she yelped again  “Would you?” he growled. “Would you have wanted to throw away your entire future, because a man took what did not belong to him?”

“No” she wailed.

“Good” he replied “Now a sensitive question, but one I feel I must ask, are you still… have you ever been with a man”

“No” Maegan replied, breathlessly.

“Now is the time to tell me, if it is not so?” Christopher warned.

“I swear” she promised.

“Good” Christopher replied sternly,  easing up his grip again “Then I expect to find you still that way when we are together for the first time, is that understood”

Maegan nodded terrified “Yes yes it is”  

“One final warning” Christopher  said sternly  “If I ever find you’ve been with another man I’ll kill you both understood?”

 “Yes” Maegan replied, breathing a sigh of relief as Christopher lowered and eventually removed the hand he held on her thigh.

“Know this Maegan I never knowingly hurt you, I can not promise love.. for im not sure im even capable of such emotion, but I do promise to keep you safe from harm and treat you with the respect your father would have expected”

“We will have a good life, we will marry and have children.. You will please me I’m sure … in time……… Right now, be what you are, be a child enjoy the wonders and the innocence that it brings… don’t dirty yourself with thoughts of men and their desires ..You have time for that and I will teach you all you need to know… understood?”


“ I am sorry I can not see you yet see the woman others blatantly see. It is not that I will never see you that way, or that I in an way dislike you.  You are a sweet girl Maegan and I’m am proud to be having you as my wife.. but I do not desire you. I do not belive it will always be the case, i think it will change as you grow but despite my fathers meddling I wish to take this as our own pace? I don’t want to force our time together … when we are both ready i will take you as a man should take his wife. Do you understand?”

Maegan nodded and was relieved when Christopher finally released his grip on her and pulled her dress back down round her ankles, offering him hand he let her helped her stand shakily. “Im sorry I scared you” he replied “it angered me more than I’d like seeing him there, with the two of you”

Maegan’s makeup had ran all down her face and she struggled to recompose herself, Christopher sat down on the edge of the bed, still holding her hand he pulled her onto his lap and gave the young girl a hug “For your information” he whispered “They don’t explode”

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  1. Awwww. He’s kind of sweet!

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