Let Sleeping Dog’s Lie

“Go on” Anya urged, “Show me how my brother kissed you?”

Maegan shook her hear fearfully not at all comfortable with the situation she was quickly finding herself in.  Anya gave Meagan’s hand a squeeze “Come on Silly… it won’t hurt”

“I don’t want too” Maegan mumbled.

“Faron’s harmless” Anya giggled “I’ve kissed him dozen’s of times, its practice… you don’t want to get it wrong on the big day do you?”

“You show me then…. and ill tell you if it’s how he kissed me” Meagan replied, looking at Faron who seemed more amused by the girls banter than anything else.

“You’re the one who needs the practice” Anya laughed “Honestly he won’t hurt you.. He’s like a big puppy just does what he’s told don’t you?”

Faron nodded “Most of the time” he replied grinning with a look that made her feel very uncomfortable, she didn’t know what it meant but she knew instantly she didn’t like the way his eye’s seemed to wander all over her.

Maegan shook her head “I don’t think it’s a good idea” she explained.

“Are you always such a baby” Anya pouted.

“I’m not a baby” Maegan replied meekly.

“How are you going to feel when you marry Chris and you don’t know what to do to please him?” Anya teased “You don’t want him to get bored and go back to his mistress’s do you?” 

“I’m not supposed to know what I’m doing” Maegan replied trying not to cry.

“If i show you will you try?”Anya grinned.

“I don’t know” Maegan shrugged.


“Alright, just once” Maegan replied nervously.

Anya grinned, turning back to the young man “Faron kiss me” she ordered.

Faron smiled back at Maegan, before leaning forward and kissing Anya gently and briefly on the lips. “Was it like that?” he asked.

Maegan shook her head “No not really” she replied “it was… longer”

“Good” Anya clapped happily “that’s the sort of kiss a boy gives his mother”

“Not like a son kissing his mother?!” Faron grinned “Then it must be the way a man kisses his wife?”

“Show her” Anya urged grinning.

Again Faron tipped his head before taking Anya in his arms and kissing her. This time the kiss was long and lingering, with mouths slightly parted, Maegan watched as Faron seemed to massage her lips with his.   

When it was over Anya grinned expectantly back at Maegan waiting for her answer.

“It was sort of like that” Maegan replied “it wasn’t that long and he didn’t hold me that close”

Anya clapped happily “Good… it least his kissing you like a woman not like his mother, im sure next time it will be longer still…. next time you might be naked in his arms, lying on this bed”

Meagan looked horrified at the thought “I hope not” she mumbled.

“Next, next it’s your turn” Anya giggled “Faron kiss her like a man kisses his wife”

Maegan instantly stiffened and she was just about to protest when Faron, suddenly wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a deep kiss. This however was not the way Christopher had kissed her. As soon as their lips met Maegan suddenly found Faron’s tongue roving around her mouth, she tried to pull away but found the more she struggled the more tightly he held her and the deeper his tongue explored. ‘What was he doing?’ she screamed inside, ‘Trying to suffocate her? Was this what her mother had meant about taking her breath away’

Eventually he released his grip and Maegan stumbled back in abject horror to see Anya grinning again “Naughty” she scolded slapping Faron playfully on the arm “That’s the way a man kisses his mistress not his wife” she laughed.

“Is That normal!!” Maegan wailed, pawing at her tongue disgusted, ‘i’m glad im not Christophers mistress’ she’d always thought kissing was supposed to be a pleasant experience but they had reminded her of some runaway slug, leaving a slime trail in its wake.

“Your such a baby!” Anya exclaimed, rolling her eyes “However are you going to manage on your wedding night? Chris isn’t going to be amused if you whine like a baby then”

Maegan shook her head and shrugged the truth was she had no clue how she was going to cope on her wedding night, mostly she just tried not to think about it she’d had basic education on the subject from the Nun’s at school who had explained the process in terms of producing children and of course the related sins, but when it came to the more practical side of it she yet to speak to her mother about what would happen or even how.

“Have you even seen one?” Anya asked bluntly.

“Seen one, what?”

“IT” Anya giggled “you know the man’s parts”

Maegan shook her head “Not since my brother was little” she explained.

Anya rolled her eyes again “Silly… next you’ll tell me you don’t even know what parts you’ve got?”

“Of course i know that” Maegan retorted, flushing red in truth she’d never saw fit to examine herself, the nun’s had always told her that it was a grave sin to pleasure ones self or of course to pleasure a man without taking the act to completion, in other words to the point where a baby was possible, so she’d always left herself well alone fearful encase she accidently enjoyed it and had to go to confession…. confessing THAT would have been more than she could bare.

“Show her” Anya grinned wickedly at Faron.

“No” Maegan wailed “i don’t need to see”

“I think you do” Anya insisted pulling her back towards Faron“how else will you know what to expect”

Maegan went suddenly silent, watching in utter horror as Faron confidently undid his belt and fastening’s on his pants presenting himself in all his glory to the girls and even Anya let out a small gasp. “Can she touch it?” Anya asked amazed.

“No… no … i don’t want to” Maegan insisted.

“Go on… touch it just a little” Anya pressed “I will if you do”

“No…” Maegan wailed, utterly horrified, she’d known roughly what to expect of course, but now she’d seen it the thought of something that size entering her body was terrifying. “One of those simply isn’t going to fit” she declared sounding vary shaky.

Faron chuckled “Go on Anya why don’t you touch it”

“I will if Meg’s does” Anya giggled, more fascinated than scared.

“Make sure you don’t wake it” Faron chuckled “You know what happens if you do”

“No what happen’s?” Maegan asked innocently.

Anya giggled “If you wake it, then you have to put it back to sleep” she explained.

Maegan looked confused “Why? How”

“Well if you don’t then… it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger till it explodes killing the man” Anya explained “that’s why you should never ever tempt a man without being willing to give into his desires”

“Ooooh!” Maegan gasped dumbfounded,”she’d spent many lessons learning why woman where the source of all temptation and sin and why women were to blame for male desire and the act’s the committed because of it, but she’d not known that a man could actually die from it”

“I’ve heard enough” a male voice suddenly boomed none of them having noticed Christopher entering the room, all too fascinated with what was going on in Faron’s pants.

Faron suddenly flew dragged out of the door by the scruff of his neck, struggling and kicking all the way. “I’m sorry” the girls heard him wail followed by bang and a crash as Christopher literally threw him down one flight of stairs after another.

The girls stood in stone cold silence, looking at each other nervously Maegan started to cry, her crying only getting louder as they heard Christopher returning up the stairs. What had she done? What was he going to think of her now? Would he still marry her, would he send her back to her mother?

As Christopher entered the room he simply glared at one girl to the other, his face failing to hide his disgust. “Anya go and get into the coach” he ordered, the young girl didn’t need telling twice scurrying off quickly leaving Maegan and Christopher alone.

There was a long uncomfortable silence, Maegan couldn’t think of a single thing to say to make any of it seem better. While Christopher’s face told her everything she needed to know about his frame of mind, in all her years she didn’t think she’d ever seen a man so angry.

Finally he spoke, his tone low.. Quavering slightly “I have been trying to protect you….. all this time I was fearful that though your body was ready … your mind still needing shielding from the depravity of matter’s of the flesh”

“I’m sorry”

“Do you think everything that I have done in the past days is because you disgust me?”

“I don’t know….” she replied unsteadily “You don’t seem pleased with me”

“Pleased with you?!” Christopher sighed walking towards her “I was always pleased with you… I just didn’t want our first night together to be a traumatic experience for you… I did not want a marriage in which you feared your visit’s to my bedchamber”  

Maegan bowed her head unable to look at him “Are you going to send me away?” she asked her voice trembling.

He paused for a minute as though weighing his options. “No” he replied sternly “However it seems, perhaps you are not as young or as innocent as I envisioned… and here you stand in my bedchamber”

Maegan yelped as she suddenly found herself flying face down towards the bed guided by Christopher’s strong hands clamped tightly around the base of her neck. She struggled to get free but before she knew it she was trapped lying face down on the bare mattress of the incomplete bed, Christopher’s elbow and forearm lying flat across her shoulder blades pinning her in place her legs still dangling over the edge allowing him to manoeuvre easily between them.

She kicked out futilely pinned flat her leg’s hitting nothing but the wooden frame of the bed she screamed for him to let her go. “This is what you wanted isn’t it?” he whispered in her ear.

“Please don’t” she begged, she couldn’t see what he was doing but she could feel him shuffling behind her, never before had she been so frightened. “Please please don’t” she begged again.

He didn’t answer but she suddenly froze as she felt his hand on the bare skin of her thigh. She realised then was he’d managed to pull up the many layers of her dress up granting him access to her undergarments, his hand passed easily underneath them slowly creeping upwards almost torturously slowly..Giving her time to fully realise what he meant to do.

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