Silly Goose

Maegan ran the bush though her hair, for the final time before laying it back down on the counter. Standing up she straightened her dress and looked at herself in the mirror.


Today she wore a deep blue velvet dress, much like her red one.. Christopher had told her to wear blue. At least she thought he had, he’d mentioned blue dresses so she assumed that was what he liked. He’d also told her to wear her hair down and so today that’s exactly what she had done.  Determined to prove that she could be exactly the sort of wife he needed.

“Come in” she called in response to a knock at the door, turning she watched as Anya Vaux entered the room smiling. Anya was Christopher’s younger sister a year older than Maegan she was the eldest of the girls Orrick had sired with Nicole. They had met briefly the day before but with all the meetings and rushing around the girls had not had time to become acquainted.

Anya flashed Maegan a wide smile, she was a plain girl but she presented herself well. “Father tell’s me im to be your lady in waiting” Anya explained “So i thought it only polite to come and introduce myself and see if you needed help getting ready?”


Maegan looked quizzically, part of her schooling had involved learning about the social in’s and out’s of Grimstead and yet this new’s was somewhat new to her “I thought you were already betrothed to Lorcan Baeumont?” Maegan replied.

Anya shrugged “Father says marrying into the Baeumont house would be social suicide, so he’s cancelled the contract on the grounds that the Beaumont’s no longer have the means to keep me”

“Isn’t Lord Baeumont fuming?” Maegan replied.

Anya shrugged “Father will handle it I’m sure”

“Do you mind having it called off?” Maegan asked “Did you find Lorcan agreeable?”

Anya shook her head “I trust my father” she replied “and i’ve never met Lorcan, besides i know i’ll be safe here and you and me are about to become fast friends” she grinned.


Maegan nodded, unsure that she’d have taken the new’s of a cancelled betrothal so well. “I’m supposed to be going down to the Hallow’s with Christopher” she explained “Where going to see the home your father has built for us?”

“Yes i know, Father says I’m to accompany you” Anya replied with a grin “make sure Christopher act’s like a gentleman”

Maegan flushed “I’m sure he will, well I’m just about ready” she said presenting herself.

“You’re not wearing THAT are you” Anya replied screwing up her face till her nose crumpled.

“What’s wrong with it?” Maegan asked suddenly concerned.

“Well… it’s nice, but it’s a bit of a girl’s dress don’t you think?”

“Christopher likes blue?!” Maegan replied confused.

“Christopher likes breasts!” Anya giggled “he can’t see those hidden beneath all those layers”

Maegan flushed “What should I wear then?” Anya skipped over to the wardrobe pulling it open she waded though the dress’s Maegan had bought with her. “Make sure it’s blue!” Maegan called “He want’s me in blue”


Eventually Anya emerged looking triumphant proudly displaying a sheer pale blue gown “This one” she grinned.

“Oh no!” Maegan wailed, “I never wear that one”

“Why not it’s pretty?” Anya asked admiring the fabric “the detail’s magnificent”

“it’s …. it’s …. It just makes me feel very… exposed” Maegan tried to explain, the truth was the dress cut in very tightly and while it was no more uncomfortable than any of her other gown’s it always made her feel half naked, as it cut quite low in the front.

“Try it” Anya insisted “Come on.. pleeeeeese!! I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in it, besides it’s time you showed my brother the woman he’s getting rather than the scared little girl”

“Alright” Maegan conceded, “We’ll try it”

Anya grinned, beckoning the lady’s maids to come and help Maegan change. A short while later Maegan stared at herself in the mirror once again. Shuffling uncomfortable she felt as though she could hardly breath Anya had insisted on having the corset pulled much much tighter than she was used too. “I can’t breath” she complained.

“Bah!” Anya scolded “Stop being a baby, you look wonderful”

“Im just not sure it’s… me” Maegan replied, nervously pulling on the front of the dress, trying to pull it up to cover her breasts, sure they where going to pop right out of the dress at any moment.

Anya slapped her hand away “Leave it” she grinned, pulling it back down “you’ll pull it all out of shape”

“Are you sure I look alright?”

“Yes” Anya grinned “I told you we are going to become best friends and best friends never tell each other lie’s. Christopher will love it, I bet he won’t be able to take his eye’s off you”

“Do you really think so?” Maegan asked nervously.


“Yes” Anya grinned “I know my brother… he’ll like it” she assured her.

The Hallow’s had taken the best part of a day to travel to and Christopher had been right it was in the middle of no-where. At least 3 hours travel from the nearest village the manor sat at the edge of a large forest with no signs of habitation for miles around.

By the time they arrived, Maegan was feeling utterly defeated her new dress had certainly stopped Christopher in his track’s when he’d first seen her, but now they’d spent some time travelling together his interest had waned and he spent most of the journey staring aimlessly out of the window.

The three of them walked around the house in silence, it still had workmen busying themselves in almost every room but Maegan was secretly quite impressed, Orrick had certainly seemed to push the boat out to provide her and his son with a manor fitting of their station.

Eventually Christopher made his excuses, saying that he had to go and check on the farms and left the girls alone. Maegan could barely disguise her disappointment; to her he seemed even less interested in her than he had the night before.  Once out of view she sighed heavily “He hates me” she conceded.

Anya grinned “Don’t be silly…from what pa’s tellin he was quite interested last night”

 “Last night was… “Maegan paused unable to find the words “Im not sure…”she sighed “but im sure whatever it was it had more to do with your father than it had to do with me”

“So what did you do last night?” Anya asked.

“Talked a little, that’s all” Maegan replied “Till your father came… then I’m not really sure what happened.”

“Pa’s said he was half undressed” Anya grinned mischievously “A sure sign something more than talkin was going on”

“He only took off his shirt after your father knocked” Maegan replied slightly panicked, concerned that the young girl might think she’d been up to no good.

“Why would he do that?”

“I don’t know” Maegan snapped, “the whole thing confuses me more than i’d like.

“Did he not even kiss you?” Anya pressed.

“Not till your father was there” Maegan replied.

“What was it like, how did it compare to other boy’s? Is he a good kisser?” Anya giggled.

“It was pleasant enough” Maegan replied “Satisfactory i guess”

“Not as good as other boy’s then?” Anya grinned “Who was better? Anyone i know?”

 “i’ve never kissed another boy” Maegan giggled “what sort of girl do you think i am”

“A boring one by the sound of it” Anya replied grinning “come with me” she said dragging Maegan along though the hall’s up several flight’s of stair’s back to a room they’d been told earlier was to be Christopher’s chambers.

Inside they found a teenage boy working on an engraving on the bed “This is Faron” Anya announced proudly.  

“Pleased to meet you” Maegan replied nervously.

Faron’s looked up flashing a wide grin towards the girls, he was tanned obviously used to working outdoors with sun bleached blond curly hair that seemed to have a life of it’s own that Maegan found quite fascinating “Anya, who’s this?”

“This is Princess Maegan” Anya grinned “She’s going to marry my brother”

Faron nodded “Pleased to meet you your highness”

Maegan flushed, “Pleased to meet you… are you a carpenter?” she asked.

“Of sorts” Faron smiled “My father was and i learned the trade from him, mostly design and build houses, but Lord Vaux has called in almost every tradesman in the kingdom to get your house finished”

Maegan nodded, inspecting the bed “I appreciate your hard work… your work is lovely”

“Shut up you silly goose” Anya giggled, giving her hand a quick jerk to get her attention “I didn’t bring you here to admire the bed”

“What did you bring me here for then?” Maegan laughed.

“I want you to show me how my brother kissed you”

“Pardon?” Maegan baulked “How?”

“With Faron Silly, you don’t mind do you Faron?” Anya grinned looking at the older boy.

Faron shrugged “I guess not” he replied standing and wiping off his hands on a close by rag “So how did he kiss you?” he asked laughing.

Maegan went crimson “Im not kissing him” she squealed pulling away.

“Don’t be silly Meg’s” she replied not letting go of Maegan’s hand for a minute “it’s only a kiss, besides if you don’t, how will you ever know if my brothers kiss’s are good?”

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