Feed the Fury

This post is supposted to run concurrently with the post “No Better High” as both scene’s are assumed to happen at the same time, there was just to much going on for it to be explained in an understandable manner in just one post.

Lar’s stood Klave in hand facing off against Siren and Alistair, for a moment he pitied Alistair the boy almost looked human, scared and out of his depth. Still if he was to win this fight he needed to do it quickly and Siren’s wiles were great and he needed to force her to make the first move.

Letting out a roar of determination Lar’s lept forward, Klave in hand ready to bring it down on Alistair’s head. Suddenly there was a whoosh of movement, his plan had worked Alistair was suddenly launched out of the way and Siren took the blow herself curling her body protectively around the undead prince.

The Klave cut deep into the flesh and bone of her exposed back hissing with the sound of scorching flesh, she screamed in pain. Lar’s was stunned for a moment, the witch queen herself had taken a blow from a Klave to protect her young apprentice.

Lar’s didn’t pause didn’t stop, pulling the Klave from her back it torn nasty wound, rounding it again he pepared to strike out at his target again.

Siren span, “Stop” she commanded, arm extended hand out stretched “Drop the weapon”

Lar’s trembled, his body forced to comply with the witches words his grip on the Klave loosening it dropped to the floor with an almighty clatter.

“Fear me” she commanded “Lar’s son of Gwen… kneel before me”Lar’s growled his knee’s buckling unwillingly under his weight he fell to his knees.

Lar’s growled, his frustration only overshadowed by the aura of fear she now held over him. Helpless and on his knee’s he prayed her next move would come quickly and it did. She placed her hand on his shoulder and suddenly his body was wracked with blinding white light, his blood suddenly boiling the heat was excruciating.

But though the pain Lar’s smiled, she’d finally made her move, in striking him thusly she’d broken her protective barrier, grimacing though the pain Lar’s forced himself to stand on trembling legs, knocking her hand  off his shoulder as soon as he was able.

Having seen his son change form to fight hector out of the corner of his eye, he realise it was now his turn to do the same, limb’s cracking and muscles rolling he shifted into the form of battle, his fingers sprouting claw’s he span around looking for his pray locating the witch dead ahead.

Lar’s lumbered forward, bigger than his son in every way, he even made the towering form of Hector look small, reaching Siren he swung howling in frustration as she flitted away with uncanny speed. Again and Again he swung each time she was just a fraction out of reach the vampire’s swiftness becoming more and more frustrating.

Each swing that contacted nothing more than ill placed furnisher or cabin wall’s sent dust debris in the air filling the room with a thick cloud of dust made worse when Wolf and Hector crashed barrelling into one wall and though into the room beyond.

Just as Lar’s thought he’d caught up with her, she suddenly seemed to teleport away “Lar’s” she called “Let us end this” spinning he spotted her on the other side of the room. Hoisted in arm’s she held Thomas dangling by his neck.

Suddenly a howl filled the cabin the roar of victory, causing both Siren and Lar’s to turn and look towards the hole in which Wolf and Hector had tumbled.

“End this Lar’s” Siren warned. Though both creature’s looked only Siren could see the Hector the victor standing there “One more step and I’ll snap his neck”

Lar’s felt a twinge of fear, a sickening in his stomach.. he knew his son, he knew his howl… unable to control himself he took a step forward, then another straining to see where his son was.

Siren didn’t flinch, holding Thomas’s body still she grabbed his head and … Alistair suddenly flew from no-where, he did not intend to hurt his mistress but his loyalty to his brother was overwhelming, barrelling into Siren she let go of Thomas caught by surprise.

“Alistair!” she snarled rolling to her feet.

Alistair scrambled back to his, dragging the disorientated and still shocked Thomas with him, “I won’t let you hurt him” he threatened feebly for his mistress’s power over him was strong.

“Give him to me” Siren glowered.

“No” Alistair replied, “He is my brother… he saved me once…” he tried to explain,

“I saved you!” Siren shouted “I saved you from her… I gave you life when all you saw was death I taught you to feed without killing, I taught you that your death did not have to mean the end for you”

 Alistair was torn, torn over loyalty to his brother and towards his mistress. Looking nervously back towards Lar’s who by now had edged forward enough to see his son lying dead on the floor.  Lar’s  roared in pain, and loss … and for a moment Alistair saw clarity.

These where not matter’s of good and evil.. but matter’s of difference and misunderstanding and fear. Lar’s was not the enemy he merely wanted what siren wanted, the right to live. The right to love. Siren had taught him the werewolves where evil creatures born of destruction and rage but now in Lar’s moment of pain he saw a creature no more evil than he was.

“You don’t understand” Alistair mumbled “Lar’s he’s not the enemy” he tried to explain.

But it was too late with one final roar Lar’s clambered back to his feet “Ye killed ma son” Lar’s growled, his eye’s glazing over nostril’s flaring he emitted a low rumble.

Siren took a step back, suddenly fearful … killing some of the pack had always been the plan but she’d not thought ahead to the consequences. Werewolves where born of natures rage, constantly battling their own bloodthirsty instinct’s, creatures of pure fury a werewolf’s rage was what made them strong. Looking at Lar’s now she suddenly realised, without shadow of a doubt Lar’s had given himself to his fury and it would take more than her to stop him.

Lar’s seemed to grow in size, filling the entire room… scrapping his claw’s across the floor it appeared as though he was sharpening them ready for the kill, his eye’s darting everywhere he focused on his target…..

2 responses to “Feed the Fury

  1. Ooooh. What’s he going to do? I hope Thomas ends up okay and Alistair lets Kait go.

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