No Better High

“Stay behind me” Wolf urged the King.

“I can defend myself” Thomas argued, but no sooner as he said it, he’s eye’s opened wide as a new enemy entered the cabin. Hector was over 6 ft tall, making the already huge Karogar men look small, ducking his head the beast passed the doorway, his hairy body now coated red with what seemed to be blood. 

Wolf readied, his blade ..normal steel could hurt but not kill Vampires, however he hoped to incapacitate the beast by dealing enough damage to down him allowing him to take off his head without alerting the King or Kaitlyn to his own true nature. The veil was a fickle thing for the most part it hide werewolves true nature, however when things turned the way they had, giving mortal’s enough reason to doubt the happenings around them it was possible for normal men to see the truth.

“Wolf” Hector growled, “just the .. Wolf I came to see” it chuckled.

Wolf didn’t reply, holding out his arm protectively in front of the King he waited, Fang was dead he knew that now…his father busy with Siren and Alistair. Thomas’s only hope was him.

“The people will be devastated” The beast growled “To find their King slayed by the Karogar men…their only choice will be to reinstate Alistair as rightful king”

Wolf didn’t wait for the beast to continue its taunts, leaping forward he bought his sword down in a magnificent arch, down on the great creatures shoulder. His eyes widening in horror as the blade glanced away harmlessly without leaving so much as a scratch.

Hector laughed loudly his voice booming throughout the cabin, making even Lar’s turn around to witness as Hector casually backhanded Wolf with such power that the young man flew up into the air, cracking his head on the corner of the fireplace before landing in a heap on the floor.

Wolf was shook, even in Human form werewolves strength greatly exceeded that of mortal men and yet his blade had not so much as pierced the skin of the beast, shrugging off his fear, Wolf reclaimed his dropped weapon and scrambled to his feet.

Watching as Thomas lunged out with his own blade. The kings weapon didn’t get within a foot of the creatures hide, Hector caught the swinging blade effortlessly in his great clawed hands, twisting it sharply and pulling it from Thomas’s grasp before throwing it into the burning flames of the fireplace.

Thomas shaken and terrified stumbled backwards, allowing the recovered Wolf to press forward, replacing him in front of the beast.

Hector lunged forward with clawed hand open, but Wolf ducked below the blow that was sent to grab him.  

Swinging his sword upwards again, Wolf managed to catch the beast solidly in the chest, the sword still did not break the skin but the force of it sent Hector flying backwards into the couch, shattering into a thousand pieces under his weight.

Dazed for a moment, the creature lay, but Wolf did not hesitate, leaping forward to land on the beast, he plunged his sword towards Hector’s neck, and screamed in frustration as yet again the blade failed to penetrate the creatures hide.

Hector roared, flinging Wolf to the floor, it began to once again rise. Frustrated and angered Wolf flung his weapon down while clambering to his feet. Knowing now he had no choice but the transform. With no Klave of his own the only weapons he had to hurt the beast where his own.

Wolf jerked, transforming as quickly as his body was able. But before he was finished Hector was upon him, forcing him to accept Hector’s claw’s tearing into his flesh, as he turned from Man to Beast. Transformation complete, Wolf stood now equal in size to Hector the pair facing off both knowing only one would survive for this was a fight to the death.

Wolf moved first, this was not a fight of delicacy’s or grace, strength against strength the creatures wrestled, Wolf grabbing Hector by the shoulders bringing his knee up solidly into Hector’s face, the blow did little damage other than to disorientate the vampire.

But as he reeled as Wolf continued his attack bringing his claw’s up and grating them against Hector’s face the sound of claw’s against bone was sickening but it made Wolf smile. Finally the bastard knew pain.

Hector howled, stumbling backwards, blood gushing from the deep gouges in his face, one eye completely ruined it hung limply from its socket, but now was not the time to slow. Wolf came in again and again each time, new angry red lines appearing on Hector’s torso.  

Hector swung out widely partially blinded, as blood ran stinging into his one good eye. Catching Wolf Solidly in chest, his claw’s ripping so deeply into Wolf’s chest that it lifted him from the ground. The young werewolf flew across the room landing heavily in front of the fire.

It wasn’t till Wolf recovered himself that looking down he realised how badly he was injured, rib’s and bone where visible jutting at unsightly angles from his chest, dizziness suddenly took him swooning from loss of blood and pain.

Determined not to give up Wolf forced himself to stand, launching himself once again at the beast he hit him with such force that the both crashed into the wall of the cabin and though into the room beyond.  

The pair grappled on the floor, Wolf was losing strength fast as blood slowly drained from his body but likewise Hector also seemed to be weakening, having burnt up all the blood from his previous feeds.

Hector Lashed out, connecting solidly with Wolf’s maw, the sound of cracking bone the only thing Wolf could hear as his head jerked back violently.

Wolf rolled as they wrestled managing to pull Hector on top of him, getting his leg’s under the huge monster he raked downwards clawing at Hector’s abdomen, satisfied when he felt his legs suddenly dampen, thick with Hector’s blood.

Hector roared in pain but did not stop, grabbing Wolf by the shoulder he pulled him towards him, Wolf by now too weak to prevent it. Clamping his fangs into Wolf’s neck Hector drank deeply till Wolf struggled no more.

Rising Hector roared in triumph shaking the foundations of the cabin. Still badly injured it would take weeks for him to heal the damage of werewolf claw’s. Lifting his clawed hand to his empty socket, he tore out the still dangling eyeball, examining it for a moment before throwing it to the floor in disgust.  

It didn’t matter for now his head swam and his body buzzed, there was no better high than that of werewolf blood.

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