Hell Breaks Loose

Lar’s launched himself forward pushing himself protectively infront of Kaitlyn, “Run” he urged again but Kaitlyn didn’t understand and confused she instead stood motionless.

Suddenly The door of the cabin burst open and Wolf tumbled in though the door skidding and landing heavily at Lar’s feet “Hector” he gasped. Lar’s growled Hector was someone he didn’t fancy fighting today turning his attention back to Siren “Witch this is not a fight ye want ter be havin today” he threatened.

“Are you sure” Siren smiled, turning calmly to Thomas she didn’t say a word instead she simply raised her arm towards the king. Thomas instantly paled his eye’s widening as she seemed to mystically pull his blood out in droplets though the pore’s in his skin, floating and dancing like beautiful brilliant red marbles she drew it from his body, and bid it come to her.

“Protect the King” Lar’s growled to his son, and without pause he launched himself up and over the couch towards her.. he stopped dead, less than a few feet away, suddenly conscious that he could not bring himself to attack her, in the same way werewolves where capable of inspiring aura’s of unimaginable fear, some vampires could inspire aura’s of awe that likewise could not be crossed until broken.   

Roaring in frustration he did the only thing left open to him … drawing his blade he sent it flying though the air, end over end it flew till it landed solidly in her stomach sinking in right up to the hilt, the blade clearly seen coming out the other side. She screamed and the silvery blade hissed violently though it burned and scorched her flesh but the pain made her drop her hold on Thomas and the blood she’d drawn from his body fell to the ground with a splash.

Wolf caught the falling king in his arms, blood drained Thomas felt weak and confused “what had just happened, was he dreaming? No no he wasn’t he decided, pulling himself out of Wolf’s arms Thomas managed shakily to draw his blade. “Yer Highness No” Wolf commanded holding Thomas back “Ye ain’t in any condition to be fighting one such as she”

Alistair was stunned into silence, things had suddenly gotten out of control Siren attacking Thomas had never been part of the plan he felt scared, just what had he gotten himself into? Siren glared at him then pulling the hissing blade from her stomach. Her face contorted with pain she swore quietly frustrated at herself for not anticipating the Klave, the sacred weapon of the Wolves. “Kill Wolf” she ordered throwing the sword to the floor at her feet.

Alistair nodded unable to betray the bond she had over him, pulling his own blade. Drawing on the power of his blood the way Siren had taught him, enhancing his strength and his speed he launched himself at the young man.  Siren watched, Alistair was a pitifully weak blooded Vampire. He’d been created by a woman who in Siren’s mind had no right to exist herself, never mind the right to be creating childer herself.  She knew Alistair wouldn’t last long on his own not against Wolf, he was too young to inexperienced, but right now Siren had other problems namely Lar’s she just hoped he’d survive long enough for backup to arrive.

Lar’s was stuck his only missile exhausted, unable to attack Siren directly unless she attacked him first he fought his will against her’s trying to penetrate the barrier that protected her, but she was stronger at this game and she was smart. He knew she wouldn’t attack him until the last possible moment, after she’d eliminate all the other competition… this was how the witch played.  

Lar’s continued to fight his will against hers the realisation suddenly came that he had to force her hand, force her to attack him first…. His only choice, Kill Alistair, hope the witch cared for him and came to his defence. Was Siren even capable of such emotion? Lar’s wasn’t sure he’d never bothered to question a vampires ability to feel, so certain of thier evil he only ever sort to kill their kind.

Lar’s leapt forward towards Alistair, grabbing the young vampire roughly by the neck before he reached Wolf’s blade. Flinging him backwards with unimaginable strength Alistair flew precisely were Lar’s had aimed him. Barrelling into Siren sending them both flying into the cabin wall which cracked and heaved under the strain, bit’s of timber and dust falling from the ceiling.  

This move had served two purposes, it freed up Wolf to protect the King and had cleared the path to his precious Klave. Swooping in Lar’s scooped up the sacred blade, bound with the spirit of his dead mother the blades one true purpose was to bring death to vampires.  Blade in hand Lar’s made headed directly to where Alistair landed.

Kaitlyn screamed frozen in terror as she watched the nightmare before her unfold, The veil only protected warewolfs and as yet none of them had turned to reveal their nature it served no purpose yet. Vampires had no such protection so she’d witnessed floating blood and woman still standing with hissing blades in their gutt’s with unfaltering clarity, unable to comprehend what was going on she watch frozen with fear. Suddenly she felt a hand clamping around her mouth “Sleep” a man whispered in her ear….

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