So It Begin’s

Wolf, Fang and Heather had been charged with watching the clearing they’d already found one or two vampires hiding waiting in the tree’s and had dispatched them with quick efficiency.  They had only been new still not in control of their full power.  Vampires Heather suspected Siren had created especially for the occasion, singularly they posed no threat but in the heat of mass battle every one dead in advance helped.  

“What the hell is he upto?” Heather called over to Wolf, signalling back to the centre of the clearing where Vincent Siren’s child, stood talking to Thomas’s men. “I’ll go and stop him” she called. Breaking off from the group she ran leaping over logs and bushes running into the centre of the clearing sheathing her blade so she didn’t un-nerve the soldiers.

Unfortunatly it was too late Vincent had already tampered with the minds of the men, flashing her a smile he bowed and disappeared. “Son of a …. “ she muttered watching as Thomas’s troop’s drew their blades and ran towards her. These where men…. Human men and  her belief’s could not let her kill them.  She stopped sharply standing her ground with her arms extended gracefully waiting for them to come to her. 

Almost a dozen men ran towards her and from behind she heard Wolf and Fang approaching quickly. The first of the soldier’s arrived, swinging his sword towards her head though he did not know why.

She dodged sidestepping with the grace and agility of a cat, twisting her body she leapt bringing up her foot up,  planting it hard into the mans jaw, sending his sprawling to the ground with force he did not expect.  Still airborn she allowed her body to follow around in an arch bringing up the alternate leg planting this one just as forcefully into the stomach of a second man before landing gracefully waiting for the rest to draw close.

Meanwhile Fang and Wolf  hung around for a moment, seeing Heather had the situation well under control they continued on deeper into the Forrest, movement could be heard all around sword drawn Wolf nervously pushed forward.  “Sons of Lar’s, I was hoping to find you”  a deep rolling voice called.

Wolf glanced nervously at Fang, who wasted no time in transforming from his normal wolf form into the form of battle. “Find Yer Father” Fang growled in a language incoherent to human’s.

Wolf nodded nervously but didn’t move instead froze with fear he stared as a figure stalked out of the gloom,  at first only red pinprick’s where visible, red glowing eye’s a sure sign of the creatures  alliance with evil, but as the beast came into view Wolf felt his leg’s buckling beneath him.

For this creature was one that the untrained eye could easily mistake for a werewolf in battle form. Almost 6 foot tall the well muscled figure wore naught but loose pants, the rest of it’s body covered in thick hair it was most unlike any vampire Wolf had seen before. Arm’s outstretched it laughed and Wolf watched in awe as the creature produced huge claw’s from it’s fingertips much like his own.

“Hector” Fang growled his own transformation complete “Go boy warn yer father”

“What about you?” Wolf begged.

“GO!” Fang ordered, Wolf didn’t need telling again, he’d heard tell of Hector though he’d never seen him in the flesh . Siren’s battle arm his father had called him, still a vampire but also part beast the creature was something he knew to be feared.

Fang launched himself towards the beast, Fang was strong by werewolf standards but he was growing old and was now well past his peak. He landed solidly pushing Hector to the floor, raising his arm he drove it down with as much strength as he could muster driving it deep into Hector’s chest.

Hector was stunned by the blow it had been a long time since he’d had a real fight, but this was not a real fight. Hector chuckled, grabbing Fang roughly by the wrist he yanked the warewolfs claw’s from his chest smiling at the sound of the bones in Fang’s wrist shattering under his grip.

Fang screamed in pain, lunging forward with his free arm he plunged his claw’s deeply into hector’s torso.  Pushing himself forward, his sank his powerful jaw and teeth into hector’s neck tearing out a huge chunk of flesh. Hector’s roared, the two creature’s locked in a mass of flailing fangs and claw’s.

Suddenly Fang flew backwards powered by Hector’s foot in his stomach, bouncing off a tree he fell heavily to the ground.  He was there but a moment before Hector was on him again, this time the vampire held him securely by the neck and arm, pulling hard. Fang roared again, but this time it it was not a roar of anger but one of pain as Hector torn his arm clean from his body the sound of ripping flesh music to the ear’s of the beast.

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