I will not be silenced.

The cabin had gone uncomfortably silent; Kaitlyn looked at her feet unable to look either Alistair or Lar’s in the eye. Was that it? she wondered, was it all decided? Did the fact that she’s said she couldn’t leave her children mean that she’d not see Alistair again; she still had so many questions for him, so many things racing around her head she could not speak of in front of the others.

Suddenly the silence broke “You you sure you won’t come with me Kait?” it was barely a whisper but in the silence it could be made out clearly.

“I can’t” she replied, her voice trembling, her arm still tucked within Lar’s his strong hands comforting her’s.

“Do you love him?” Alistair asked sadly. Kaitlyn didn’t look up but those who did could see clearly how much Alistair feared the answer, even Lar’s for a moment pitied him, for a moment almost forgot the monster behind those sad eyes… almost.

“Yes” Kaitlyn replied as boldly as she could muster “he’s a good man, a good husband…I loved you, i still love you.. but I had to move on with my life and im not sure i can go back”

Alistair nodded, turning to Thomas his voice low “Let’s go”

“Not yet” Siren interrupted before Thomas could answer “We are not done yet”

“Yes… yes we are” Alistair insisted”she’s made her choice”

“We came here to bring Kaitlyn home with you” Siren insisted “Do you see fit to give up so easily?”

“I do” Alistair replied his voice still low, but with a hint of desperation as though he wanted to be gone as swiftly as possible.

“Well I don’t” Siren replied “Thomas I insist that you make her come with us, i know once Alistair get’s her home they will be able to work things out”

Thomas nodded but before he could speak, Kaitlyn cut in “who are you?” she asked, “Ever since you walked in though the door I’ve been trying to wrack my brain to work out why the hell your here? I understand you saved Alistair and for that I’m grateful but what place do you have in deciding either of our future?”.

Siren span and glared at Kaitlyn “Silence” she ordered, with such meaningful presence that even Thomas sat up and took note.

“I will not be Silenced” Kaitlyn protested breaking free of Lar’s and marching towards the red haired woman.  Siren looked shocked, more than shocked horrified and in that moment Lar’s began to understand, Siren had laid down an order, one which few supernatural’s and no mortal’s could ignore yet Kaitlyn had ignored it like it had never existed.

“I insist you leave. This is a family matter, I do not begin to understand what sort of hold you have over my …. ‘late husband” Kaitlyn continued not quite sure how to address Alistair “But it’s something we need to discuss alone and I do not like the tone in which you speak to him”

“The tone I speak to him in is none of your concern” Siren purred “I am growing weary of this banter… Alistair it is time to do what we came here to do”

Lar’s didn’t miss the tone for a second, launching himself forward he roared “Kaitlyn RUN”

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