A Breath Of Fresh Air

Maegan watched Orrick’s young daughter’s playing in the garden her face gently pushed against the glass, a few day’s ago she would have been dancing and singing along with them. Lady’s did not play, she reminded herself. They did not run about the garden’s barefoot, grass between their toes, they did not sing and dance, pick daisy’s or chatter excitedly about boy’s.  Maegan looked down at her book, Lady’s read or sewed she sighed, it was a shame she detested both.


She would love to say that her first day in the house of her betrothed had been a peaceful reassuring affair, but sadly it had not. The dull echo’s of men at conflict could still be heard as Christopher and his father warred about whether or not Christopher was going to marry her. While she couldn’t exactly say that she was thrilled with the prospect of marrying a man old enough to be her father right now she was more concerned with the fact that he seemed so dead set against marrying her.

“Maegan” A voice behind her called, causing the young girl to leap out of her skin.

“Yes” she replied spinning quickly to see Lady Vaux standing in the doorway of her bedchamber.

Lady Vaux smiled, wandering over “How are you settling? did the maids unpack everything alright?”

 “Yes thank you” Maegan replied curtsying slightly.


“No point on standing on ceremony with me dear” Nicole grinned, peering over Maegan’s shoulder to see what the young girl was looking at. “Why don’t you go out and play with them?” she suggested.


Maegan shook her head determinedly “No thank you, I’m quite alright… games are for children”.

Lady Vaux smiled knowingly “Alright dear, then would you like to come and take a walk with me?”

Maegan nodded shyly Lady Vaux had been the first person who’d been nice to her since her arrival, Christopher despised her, Orrick just grinned insanely every time he saw her… and the maids had acted quite oddly like she was some sort of monster to be feared.

A few minutes later the pair of them walked in the garden’s it was really quite beautiful here Maegan thought. “Don’t mind Christopher” Lady Vaux suddenly spoke. “He’s a good man really, just a little shocked at your arrival”

“Shocked?” Maegan replied “Horrified more like”

“Well perhaps” Lady Vaux admitted, “I don’t suppose he expected you so soon, or so young”


“I am of age” Maegan assured her.

“Yes I know dear” Lady Vaux smiled kindly “Just don’t mind him, I dare say you have your work cut out for you with that one, but he’s got a good heart underneath his bluster”

As the pair circled the house they passed by Orrick’s study where the argument between father and son was still raging, Nicole winced as the words could be made out.

“I want her Educated” They heard Christopher roar “I will not marry a simpleton”

“She is educated” Orrick replied firmly sounding exacerbated “She’s been to the finest school, had the finest education”

“I want her sent to university” Christopher demand “I can’t be expected to marry a woman with whom I can’t hold a conversation”

“I’d like to go to university” Megan chirped up innocently.


Nicole smiled uncomfortably and then cringed when her husband’s voice could be heard again “You don’t give a damn if she’s educated” Orrick pointed out “You just want to be rid of her for another 5 years so you can continue dallying with your tavern wench’s.

“Come on dear” Lady Vaux said quickly ushering Maegan away before she heard anymore, only slowing when the voices dulled to an incoherent drone.

“Christopher has mistresses?” Maegan asked bravely. Lady Vaux paused looking a little red faced at the directness of the question. Most noble women knew their husbands trifled with other women but it wasn’t usually a subject spoken off. Whats more Orrick unlike most men had married Nicole for love so it wasn’t a subject Nicole was comfortable or familiar with because as far as she was she was aware her husband was one of the few that didn’t entertain such thing. “It’s alright” Maegan added “the nun’s educated me, I know most noblemen do”.

Nicole nodded uncomfortably “it’s the women they come home to that are important” she replied.

Maegan nodded “is there a special one? One he visit’s more than the others, one I should be aware of?”

Lady Vaux paused “I don’t believe so” she replied “Hopefully all that will stop once you are wed”

Maegan nodded, not really believing it she’d been told of men and taught well of the desires that drove them. Though she had to admit none of it made much sense to her, the way the nun’s had made it sounds it was as though there where a demon inside men driving them uncontrollably to woman like a moth to a flame.

She hadn’t had much experience with men personally for there were none at the school and in her year’s growing up the only ones she’d really ever met where family or servants in the castle who kept an almost extended distance.

Finally they reached the side of the house where Lady Vaux’s daughter’s still played, running up and down the garden trying to catch butterflies with overly large nets. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to join them?” Lady Vaux smiled.

Maegan stared over towards the girls she wanted to say yes, desperately wanting to feel that girlish glee but instead she shook her head solemnly and wandered over to a bench sitting down on it gently to watch instead.


Lady Vaux grinned “Are you sure?” she asked, Maegan shook her head again “Fair enough” Lady Vaux smiled, slipping off her shoe’s and picking up a net. Maegan watched in awe as the lady of the house picked up a net and ran off into the grass following her daughters.

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