Out of the Question

It was almost lunch time when Christopher finally emerged from his chambers, his head thumping a parting gift from the copious amounts of alcohol he’d consumed the night before.

Making his way through the Dining room past where his father and Nicole sat eating lunch he headed towards the kitchen where he gathered together a plate full of food before heading back to the table slumping down next to his father.


“Late night” Orrick asked disapprovingly, having grown tired of his son’s constant late nights and whoring.

“A little” Christopher admitted shovelling food into his mouth eager to be away from the table as soon as possible, he knew his father disapproved of his antic’s but he’d ceased to care. He’d spent years living up to this ideal his father had set for him, only to fail at every hurdle.  

“I was looking for you last night? Where were you?”


“Out in the village” Christopher explained, knowing full well that his father would know what that ment.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that” Orrick scowled “It’s really not fitting for you to be see cavorting with commoners”

“who else do you expect me to cavort with?” Christopher asked sarcastically.

“You could spend the evenings here with me and Nicole would that really be so terrible?” Orrick sighed, “Honestly Christopher i wonder if you are ever going to take your position here seriously”.


Christopher shrugged, “So what did you want me for?” he asked eager to change the subject, the last thing he wanted was for this to turn into one of his 3 hour long lectures about why he was such a disappointment.  

“We have a surprise for you?” Orrick smiled, “It’s in the Lounge”


Christopher shrugged finishing off the rest of his food, he pushed his plate into the centre of the table with a sigh. “Well what is it?”

Orrick stood, “Come and see” he grinned.

Christopher eyed up his father suspiciously, something was obviously making him far too happy this morning and it made him decidedly uncomfortable. Resigning himself to whatever master plan his father had up his sleeve he followed him down the hall they approached the Lounge where Orrick pushed open the oaken doors.

Sunlight streamed into the lounge and first Christopher didn’t understand as his gaze fell upon a young girl sitting by the fire. Surprised she stood to quickly, the book she had been reading tumbling loudly to the floor. She flushed deeply looking apologetic, pushing her long jet black hair up of her face she smiled nervously and gave a quick curtsy as the pair entered the room.


“I don’t need a whore” Christopher replied curtly, even though it was obvious by the girl’s fine velvet gown that she was no such thing “and even if I did my tastes do not lie in children”.

The girl look stunned, obviously not understanding she looked down at her dress wondering if somehow she’d dressed inappropriately for the occasion.

“This isn’t a whore” Orrick scolded “Really Christopher, show some manners”

“Then who is she? One of Anya’s friends?” Christopher asked, uninterested.

“No!” Orrick snapped, moving forward to meet the girl, he put a hand on the terrified girls shoulder guiding her towards Christopher “This is Meagan, the Kings men dropped her off this morning, wonderful isn’t it?” he said grinning.

Christopher stood stunned, knowing it could only mean one thing. “She’s here for a visit?” he asked hopefully, looking her up and down. She was pretty enough petite, wide eyed her steel gray eye’s failing pitifully to hide her nerves.


“No Chris” Orrick replied his joy evident “she’s here to be wed”

Christopher suddenly wished the ground would swallow him up “Out of the question” he managed to mumble “Out of the question, she’s a child… I will not marry a child” he suddenly felt nauseous he knew of course that noblemen often had young brides but this was insanity and while she showed signs of blossoming into a young woman, to him she still  resembled a child more than a woman. The thought of marrying the girl making him suddenly feel like some perverted old man.


“Christopher your being rude!” Orrick scowled, noticing that Meagan looked terrified and as though she where about to burst into tears.

“I’m sorry” Christopher apologised to the young girl “but really… come back in a few years… “

“Christopher the Thomas and the Nun’s both assure me she’s quite old enough” Orrick clarified.

“Then they are wrong!” Christopher insisted, the idea disgusting him “Father look at her, she’s no older than Anya.. you can’t possibly expect me to marry her now?”


“That is exactly what I expect” Orrick replied firmly.

“Where are Thomas and where’s her mother why aren’t they here to deal with this?” Christopher demanded failing to hide his panic.

“Thomas has trusted me to get things arranged. He and Kaitlyn have their hands full with other matter’s right now”

“Well I’m sorry father, but a wedding right now is out of the question” Christopher replied defiantly before storming from the room.

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