White Wolf

The next day passed excruciatingly slowly for all involved, Kaitlyn had resolved to go and meet with Alistair no matter what the consequences meant for her and Lars.

As the sun set Lar’s and Wolf’s fear’s were confirmed. Thomas had said that he’d send his men back for Kaitlyn today and waiting till the sun had set could only mean one thing.

Lar’s stalked about the cabin checking and re-checking doors and window’s even though he knew that if they came simple wood and glass would be no defence. Despite confused protests from the women, Raeanne had been sent away with all three of the children, to spend the next few day’s with her father on his estate.  Lar’s didn’t know what the next 24 hours would bring but he didn’t want more death’s than necessary on his conscience. Kaitlyn sat in front of the fire, she knew Lar’s was planning something but she couldn’t for the life of her work out what. 

What made her even more nervous, was the addition of an extra wolf in the house. By now she was used to Lar’s pet Fang, but now a female wolf had joined him laying stretched out in front of the fire. She’d seen fang’s mate before of course a skittish dark coloured wolf who was often seen skirting around the clearing but never ventured into the house. This female was almost pure white with bright blue eye’s and walked about the house with an unusual confidence infact come to think of it, this wolf had almost consistently followed her about all day.

As night fell Kaitlyn noticed all in the house including the wolves got increasingly more edgy. Standing she headed into the children’s bedroom, finding Lar’s stood looking out of the window into the trees at the back of the house. “It’s late” she commented “Maybe Thomas isn’t coming?”

Lar’s turned looking grim “He’ll be coming, Alistair too I bet”

Kaitlyn’s stomach flipped, looking away ashamed she noticed that the white wolf yet again stood close by watching her. “What is it with that wolf” she asked “were did it come from and why is it following me?” she asked.

Lar’s shrugged “Maybe she likes you” he shrugged “Maybe she’s just sencin you’re upset”.

“I’ve never seen it before? Why is it here?” Kaitlyn asked.

Lar’s shrugged again watching as the white wolf suddenly wandered off “There yah go, she’s gone feel better?”

“Thanks, just a little un-nerved that’s all, silly really” she replied.

“Kait” “Lars” they both began in union.

“You go” Lar’s urged.

Kaitlyn nodded “Lar’s im sorry, i know this must be awful for you” she apologised. “i just wanted you to know that i care for you deeply and im grateful for everything you have done”.

Lar’s nodded sadly “Back to just carin are we?… a few days ago ye loved me?”

“No Lar’s it’s not like that, it’s confusing… can’t you understand?” Kaitlyn begged moving towards the big man who stood arms crossed defensively still stood by the window, Gently laying her hand on his arm.

“Do yer love me?” he asked.

“Lar’s please don’t” Kaitlyn begged.

“Tis a simple question Kait” Lar’s insisted “Yer can still love him and be confused, i just want to know if yer love me also?”

“Yes Lar’s I love you” Kaitlyn replied sadly “I don’t want to lose you”

“Then don’t go” Lar’s replied simply.

“Lar’s please don’t make this hard”

“Im glad it’s hard” he replied “Hard mean’s yer torn, mean I stand a chance, if it were easy… if he won hands down then you’d be lost ter me”

“I just need answer’s” Kaitlyn replied “I need to know if it is him?”

Lar’s nodded understanding “Kait just promise me something…. it might seem odd but i want you to do something for me?”

“What?” she asked,

“If want to go i won’t stop you… it tear’s ma heart but i’ll let you go. Just promise me, if while yer with him, you notice anything strange, about him or the people he’s wit. If things seem odd… you promise me you won’t let them know you’ve noticed?”

“What? Why not?”

“im serious Kait” Lar’s growled sternly “if things just don’t seem right you pretend they are, pretend that you haven’t noticed. Especially if you see a red headed woman, go’s by the name of Siren, if you notice anything weird just promise me you won’t let her know?”

“How do you know there will be a red headed woman?” Kaitlyn asked suddenly feeling a little scared at the tone in which Lar’s spoke.

“Trust me Kait… i’ve been looking into them..since Thomas came yesterday” he added quickly “I just want to know. You won’t let them know  you think anything’s wrong?”

“Ok I promise” she nodded not understanding what was going on.

“Now im bettin they aren’t gonna be letting you send word back to me, or if they do they’ll read anything you send. But if you want me.. if you need me, I want you to contact Vince do you understand?! “He urged.

“Vince Bendett? Your cousin” she asked making sure.

“Aye… you tell him.. you want me and I’ll come … tell him direct, not via messenger tell him, do you understand Kait”

“Yes but why?! Why wouldn’t they just let me see you?” she asked with panic in her voice.

“I don’t know” Lar’s lied “I’m just guessin when Alistair has you he’ll want to make sure he keep you?”

“Alistair wouldn’t hold me against my will” Kaitlyn protested, “If it is truly him, he’s not that sort of man”

“Kait” Lar’s paused trying to find words “This woman who’s with him… she’s … I think she’s got more control over him than you think”

“Alistair would never hurt me” Kaitlyn reasoned.

“He might not have a choice” Lar’s replied sternly “Somethin else… never drink a liquid if you can’t see the bottom of the cup”

“What? That’s absurd?!”

“Kait just do as I ask please. Never drink anything if you can’t see right through it.. no red wine, no dark coloured liquid’s”  

“This is ridiculous” Kaitlyn protested.

“PROMISE ME?!” he urged with more force than he planned.

 “Lar’s if you know more than your telling me, I demand you tell me?” Kaitlyn demanded her voice quavering, she suddenly felt very un-nerved.

“I can’t lass, yer wouldn’t believe me.. yer’d think I was trying to colour yer mind, yer need ter make your own mind up. Just know that I love ya and nothing.. nothing short of death would keep me from ya if yer decide yer want me or want to come home”

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