Not that simple

Raeanne and Wolf had spent most of the evening trying to stay out of the way things between Lar’s and Kaitlyn hadn’t got any better. Raeann felt helpless Kaitlyn seemed so distraught and there was nothing she could say that would make the situation any easier.

They’d just got Skye off to sleep who at almost four, had grown into quite a handful.  Raeanne settled herself on the couch and as silence fell there was a sudden moment of uncomfortable-ness.

 “So why dun’t yer come over here?” Wolf smiled nervously patting the space besides him.

Raeanne stared at the space, “I’m alright where I am” she replied.

“Anna you ain’t regretin saying you wanted ter be with me are ya?” Wolf asked nervously.

“No” she replied “I just don’t want to push things”

“Push things?”

“You know rush into anything to soon?” she replied softly.

“Anna we have a babe together, aren’t we abit past bein coy?”

 “just because we have Skye doesn’t mean we should be rushing into things” Raeanne snapped.

“Only asked ya ter come sit over here” Wolf replied defensively “geeze way yer acting ye’d think I’d asked yer to dance naked fer me”

“I know that” Raeanne snapped.

Wolf sighed heavily “I thought we’d got past this Anna, yer say yer want me but only cause yer thought I was chasin some other lass.. now ye’ve got me yer don’t want me again is that it?”

“No that’s not it” Raeanne replied “It’s…. its just I don’t want things to get carried away”

“Carried away?” Wolf chuckled raising an eye brow “what yer scared of Anna that ye can’t keep yer hands to yourself?”

“that you can’t, more like” she responded sharply.

“Anna I don’t want to make love, just come sit wit me”.

“Why not?! Is there something wrong with me?” Raeanne demanded.

“oh fer ….. “ Wolf began to curse, standing he walked over to Reanne kneeling before her he placed one hand on each of the arms of the chair she was sitting on. Staring her hard in the eye “Anna I want yer, I’ve always wanted yer, I want you in THAT way, nothing would make me happier than ter throw ye down on the bed over there… am a man, and yer a pretty lass, nothing would be more natural.. but heaven’s knows whats goin on in that head of yours and I don’t want to do anything yer not wantin” Wolf sighed “I’ve never wanted ter do anythin you’ve not wanted”

Raeanne looked down at her hands that where nestled in the fold’s of her gown “I do like you Wolf”

“Good” Wolf nodded smiling “So whats the problem?”

Raeanne sighed “Im sorry Wolf, im just not sure I can stand to have any more children, I love Skye “she added quickly “really I do, I just don’t want to go though all that again”.

Wolfs  face dropped “Ser that’s what all this is about? Yer don’t want more little’un’s so…..” he went quiet as the penny dropped.

“im sorry” she apologised.

“Anna I’ve got ter tell ya… I dunno what to say” Wolf replied sadly “if it were just about the physical I might cope, but I want more babes, I want sons I always wanted a big family and I thought you did too?”

“I used to” Raeanne admitted “Skye changed everything, I can’t imagine having to share my time, I love Skye I love the time I spend with her, im just not sure theres enough of me to go around more children”

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