Things to be decided

Wolf watched as Lar’s took Asha away only turning his attention back to Raeanne when the wagon was completely out of view. Raeanne still sat on the floor where sat had left her head cupped in her hands she sobbed, Wolf stared down at he right now Raeanne looked as frail as he had ever saw her even after the ordeal of childbirth Raeanne had that air about her, in fact she’d order the midwife and Kaitlyn to clean her up and do her makeup before she’d even allowed Wolf to see her and Skye.

“Come on Lass” Wolf Smiled walking over he offered Raeanne his hand, she looked up at him solemnly her lip swollen and bleeding from the smack Asha had given her and her makeup smudged from the tears “Ye shouldn’t have hit her ye know” Wolf commented “she was just a lass”.

“You shouldn’t have bought her here” Raeanne retorted.

“Aye may be’s, that was me pa’s doin .. he invited her”

Raeanne stood up besides him “Do you like her?”


Wolf shrugged “She’s nice enough” he replied “I was likin someone bein interested in me.. kinda different not havin someone treatin yer like somethin they trod in and are tryin to git rid off”.

“Is that the way you think I treat you?” Reaenne asked.

“Aye lass.. bin tryin ter show yer how special I think ya are since the minute ye walked into the cabin yer always acted like I was some sort of punishment inflicted on ya by yer pa”

“It’s not that” Raeanne replied defensively.


“I even asked yer the other day ter give me another chance, offered to marry ye and yer swore blind yer weren’t interested .. then this? Now Im not sure, what to think?” Wolf said putting his hand on her shoulder.   

“I don’t… I don’t know” Raeanne replied pulling away and looking towards the floor

“Don’t know what?” Wolf asked “All this?! And you don’t know?? Come on Anna now is not the time fer yer to be hidin yer feelin’s, I ment what I said the other day… am done chasin”

“I don’t want you to chase” Raeanne replied.

“I don’t think that’s true” Wolf interrupted “I think you like havin me chasin yer… but it’s over Anna we decide rite now, are we gonna try and make a family, me you and Skye or are we done wit, I’ve made my feelin’s clear.. A love ye Anna and I want ye to be ma wife but what do you want?”

“I like you” Raeanne admitted.


“Good” Wolf nodded “Der ye love me?”

“I don’t know” Raeanne replied pulling away again.

“Yer said ya did a minute ago, when yer where hitting the young lass.. come on Anna it’s not that hard either yer want me or you don’t?”

“I do” Raeanne sighed.

“Yer seem so happy about it” Wolf commented “what yer thinkin Anna?”

“I just had all these hope? All these dreams about what my life would be like” Reaenne admitted “and none of them included living in a wood cabin in the woods the wife of a woodsman”.

“I can understand that” Wolf chuckled “None of mine, involved marrin a harpy tongued young woman either… but er we are Anna and things need decidin”

Raeanne nodded understanding pausing for a minute before speaking again “I want to give it a go… I’d like to be a wife to you”.


Wolf smiled “Good, about bloody time” he chuckled, grabbing Raeanne he hugged her close before kissing her gently.

3 responses to “Things to be decided

  1. Yay I’m so glad they got back together!

  2. Rereading cos I got a bit lost with the battles and everything.
    What Wolf said “Good about bloody time.”
    I was SO going to put that in my comment :p

  3. Aww yea it’s a shame things didn’t quite work out.

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