Face Off

Asha and Wolf sat on the porch it was quite surreal Wolf thought a place he and Raeann had, fought many battles, it was strange for it to be so peaceful. They had filled the time with idle chatter conversations about pastimes and hobbys, hopes and dreams and it was during these conversations that Wolf realized they weren’t so different and Asha was possibly as different from Raeann as a girl could be without ceasing to be human.

Asha was bright and witty but at the same time down to earth, compassionate and cared about her family greatly with really strong family values. As much as the in’s and outs of Asha’s family confused Wolf, the idea of her having two fathers baffled the young man.  To Asha it seemed all very simple, as far as she was concerned she was the most blessed young woman in the world having two fathers who loved her greatly, Blood and conception where of no consequence each father as important as the other.

“der ye never wish ya lived with Tarik then?” Wolf asked “Fancy parties and dressing up all lady like?”

Asha chuckled “No! could you imagine me in a dress like that… goodness no… I’m just not sure those fancy party’s are for me, besides I love the tavern, life’s never dull that’s for sure. Saying that I can’t imagine things around here is ever dull either”

Wolf chuckled “Aye can say that again”

Asha looked around, making sure the coast was clear then with her voice low she smiled “Wolf don’t you find it difficult keeping the secret from the women, I mean doesn’t your father ever wish he could tell Kaitlyn? Don’t you think she’d understand?”

Wolf Shrugged “It’s just the way it is… im sure sometimes he wishes he could tell her.. like now fer example wit Alistair runin around makin life difficult”.

“I bet, I can’t imagine having to keep a secret like that” Asha replied” I have to admit I always wondered what would happen if ever got married if I’d be able to tell my husband”

Wolf nodded “Aye, often our kind choose to mate with kin for that reason”


“Aye none wolf, family… erm I don’t mean we marry our sisters or the like…” Wolf tried to explain going red. “When someone like me has a child, there’s only a small chance the gift will be passed on.. but even children without the gift can see though the veil.. so often we choose to marry other pack members children makes life easier when yer don’t have to hide your nature from mate”

Asha nodded “Don’t you marry others with the gift”

“No” Wolf replied clearly “it’s not good, childer born of that union are deformed”

“Oh” Asha nodded “So how come you and your father didn’t look for kin marry?”

Wolf shrugged “there’s only our pack in Grimstead, so there aren’t any.. well Fang’s recently had pup’s but be a while before they are of age”

Asha nodded “See that’s why, we’d be great” she grinned “Neither of us would have to keep a secret?”

“Aye I guess” Wolf nodded, stopping as a forced cough from behind alerted him to his father’s presence.

“A word” Lars growled looking unimpressed.

“Sorry” Wolf apologized, standing he followed his father off into the woods leaving Asha sitting alone on the bench.

Asha sat alone for a short while her heart giddy, she liked him, she liked him a lot.

She’d been sitting there for about 5min’s when the porch door finally opened, turning to see who it was she watched as Raeanne emerged.

Asha smiled nervously at the young woman who by now made no attempts at being friendly “Who do you think you are?! Raeanne demanded.

“Pardon” Asha replied nervously.

Raeanne glared at the younger girl “Your splitting up a perfectly happy family do YOU realize that?”  

“I’m not splitting anyone up?” Asha replied defensively.

“He’s the father of my child?! Do you know that?” Raeanne demanded.

“Yes he’d mentioned it”

“Don’t you feel in the least bit guilty?!”

Asha shrugged and shook her head “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to feel guilty for?”

“Coming between me and Wolf!” Reaenne exclaimed as though Asha were stupid.

Asha could feel her heckles rising “I didn’t come between you” she replied “the way Wolf tells it, there’s been nothing between you for quite some time”.

“Nothing?! How can he say that?” Raeanne exclaimed “He’s the father of my child, what are you??! Do you really think your good enough for him?!”

“I think I’m better than you?! ” Asha replied harshly,

“You’re a child!” Raeanne spat “a common, dirty.. Peasant! You can’t possibly dream that you compare to me?!

Asha shrugged “At least I listen to him! At least a care about his feeling rather than just my own?” she replied.

“How old are you?!” Raeanne demanded, “Do you really think you’re old enough to keep a man like him?”

“I’m 14, quite old enough” Asha replied “Besides from what I hear, you haven’t exactly been satisfying his needs anyway”

“What do you mean by that?!” Raeanne demanded.

“I mean you’re a mean, bitter old hag……with a heart so cold it’s iced your legs closed!” Asha replied angrily “I really can’t imagine why he’s put up with you so long”.

“How dare you!” Raeanne fumed; lifting her hand she slapped Asha sharply across the face.

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